If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

This could be a flashy power, or weird skills you’d like to be able to do extremely well.

I’ll go with telekinesis – maybe not very flashy, but extremely useful for everyday use.

Alternatively, the power to compel someone to say the truth. I’m convinced the world would be a much better place if politicians, big business CEOs/owners and other usual suspects were forced to only make truthful statements.


Telekinesis would be so useful.

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Shapeshifting 100%

The possibilities are endless :slight_smile:


Neh. I know that physics don’t actually work if you stop time, but the ability to stop time like in TV shows, where everyone is stopped except me and I can move like normal and things I touch move like normal while I’m using them… Like that episode of Futurama where the place is on fire and fry drinks all the coffee.


Oooh, being able to turn into anything you wanted would be so great. Want to go swimming? Shapeshift into a dolphin, etc. and you don’t need to worry about water temperature.

That’s such a cool effect.

Another vote for pausing time for everyone else but me. Bernard’s Watch immediately sprang to mind.


Even if you couldnt move and could only think just the ability to pause time and react/think through any situation would be a hell of a power.


I think about X-Man when this subject comes up. OK, he’s telepathic as well as telekinetic but when telekinesis is maxed out the potential applications are huge.


I’d definitely choose something like the ability to wake up feeling well-rested no matter what. Just imagine all you could accomplish! And how GOOD it would feel!


But that’s normal?

Like… people usually wake up feeling well rested. That’s normal. Right?

That’s why there’s “no matter what” - as in, even if you only slept a couple of hours instead of 8, even if you’re sick and have a runny nose, even if… whatever!


Fair enough!

Biokinesis. Basically, the ability to manipulate and alter living tissue, bundled with some kind of sensory power so I can tell what I’m doing (but hopefully I can only turn it on when I want - I already have enough sensory issues). If I can affect my own tissue, that gives me shapeshifting and healing powers as a side effect. I’d also be able to heal others or make adjustments, like instant gender affirmation, glow-in-the-dark body parts, or antlers. And that’s pretty much only the beginning: I have a couple characters with biokinesis (but different specialties) and keep thinking of cool things they can do. The list is probably too long for this thread (unless someone really wants to hear it), but suffice to say that the medical and agricultural industries will get a major overhaul. Also, I thought of a way to explode things at will.

If that’s not an option, then I’d like the ability to actually focus on writing instead of constantly worldbuilding or thinking of things my characters can do. Or maybe the ability to make my worldbuilding Discord server less dead. :frowning:


Lots of options.

Tricky question!

Telepathy, yes, but what if someone was projecting so hard that I picked up their thoughts without trying or wanting to? What would happen if those thoughts were about criminal activity? Would I be able to tell the police?

Telekinesis - again, good in theory, but in practice? What if I was bringing something to me, but it hit someone else and scared the sh1t out of them?

Invisibility - already seems like I am if I’m in my wheelchair!

Flying - no thanks, I’m terrified of heights.

Shapeshifting - what if my powers failed and I got stuck between forms?

I think I’d go for communication with all living creatures. I’d love to have a chat with a cat, or exchange discourse with a horse.


Telepathy could be a ride - and not always a good one, that’s for sure.

Hmm. good points re: other powers. Really depends on what you’re looking for.

Chatting with cats or horses would be fun, I agree.

Oooh, nice one.

I don’t know because there’s too many choices.