If Dharr man videos have a "story" which is related to a NAR story should I keep posting them in related NAR stories?

In the Not Always Related Story from yesterday about the prankster “uncle” that their one aunt was married to before OP was born whom also caused OP’s parents stress they couldn’t afford right before their wedding by claiming to get Op’s dad drunk and sent him to Hawaii the night before.

While in the comments of that story I posted a video from Dharr Man and when I looked at my comments just now someone told me “those videos aren’t real”. Yeah I know they aren’t real but the messages are still good. If the messages are good and have something to do with the NAR story we just read should I keep posting them in comments if there’s a related video?

Why is that response a problem? The person could have been informing others who might go to the link that it’s a staged story and doesn’t involve an actual prank (which is potentially triggering; maybe not likely to be a problem given that the story is about a prank and the comments are full of prank stories, but some people are more okay with seeing stuff in text than video).

I mean, the videos have many, many flaws, but portraying them as real events isn’t one of them.

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the person whom responded seem to be criticizing me for thinking it “Was a real story”. The way they worded it. If they were trying to warn others about it they could have said it a lot more nicely and not make it an attack on me.

and yet when I try to do similar corrections (like point out what I thought someone thought that yesterday’s legal story was the first Dash-cam story on here- that it wasn’t) people started attacking me again for “Criticizing” the other person . Its like the 6 is 9 and 9 is 6 all over again that some people say “isn’t possible”

That’s not an attack on you.

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They still could have worded it in a way while doesn’t seem like it was attacking me. Because that way does seem like its attacking me for believing the Dharr man videos are real. I don’t. or at least worded it better saying. I mean maybe they could have written “Just so people know if they click on the link, that the Dharr Man videos are not actually real. They are played-out stories told to get people to think about how you’re treating others.” That way I worded it would have been a lot nicer then the nasty way (or to me at least) that the commenter posted

You do the exact same thing (putting in corrections and additional information) and don’t put in softening wording like you’re suggesting. Are you attacking people when you do that?

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you mean like the post I made yesterday in the Legal story… when I mistakenly thought someone assumed that the legal story was the first story on the site with Dash cam and people attacked me for that as well and tried to correct it?

If you’re saying that BettyBoop’s response to you on the prank story was an attack, then by the same logic, your comment on the dashcam story was an attack on Addy.

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and when I pointed out I thought that Addy thought that story was first story on the site about dashcams They basically kept attacking me “that doesn’t change Addy’s comment”. But Betty’s doesn’t change my comment right?

Anyway getting back on topic if the story in a Dharr man video is related to the Not Always Story in some way. Should I keep posting them in the comments ? Like if I’m trying to explain about the differences between what non-whites go through vs. whites (ie racism) like the Mom whom one son is a black step-son vs. the white mom’s own son and the differences between the two

So if you are allowed to make that type of comment because you thought Addy was mistaken, then BettyBoop is allowed to make that type of comment if they think you’re mistaken?

Either both comments are attacks or neither are. (Though even if they aren’t attacks, they’re still obnoxious.)


Maybe I should have worded my post to addy’s comment could have been nicer. But it doesn’t mean that people commenting to my post about that should have been mean to my supposedly mean comment with “so what?” or “What does that change about Addy’s comment” when I pointed out I thought she thought that yesterday’s story was the first one with dash-cam? I mean what else am I’m suppose to think when a person writes: “Two of my favourite things: dash-cams and NAR” ? Because from my POV its makes it seems like
she thought that it was first dash-cam story on the site.


But anyway… if a Dharr man video is related to the plot of a Not Always Story should I post them in the comments still? I will even give a warning at the top “These videos aren’t real but a played-out story to make people think of how you’re treating others”?

Would you have been happy if someone posted one of those comments in response to BettyBoop’s comment?

I don’t know why you’re asking whether you should post Dhar Mann videos. You got one comment on it, which wasn’t any worse than some of the things you’ve posted before. That being said, some of them are fairly problematic (like being accidentally racist) so be careful which ones you post.

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