Ideas for Cold Lunches?

I want some ideas for cold lunches. I’m literally running out of ideas and when I already have to have Dad food for supper (except for yesterday when I cooked)-I don’t really want to have Dad food for lunch as well.

cold cheese sandwhiches
cold chilli
crackers & cheese
crackers and dip
cold olives and cheesewhiz sandwhich
Rice cake with humus/cheesewhiz or Queso dip on them
Once I get to the store I can get more bruschetta and I can have crackers and bruschetta
if I get really desperate I will have a PB and J but I might have to cut some cheese to rinse it out with.

How about tuna and pasta? All you need is some Mayo, a can of tuna and some pasta of your choice.

Just pasta involves cooking and that’s not really what I want to be doing in humidity

Well tuna salad sandwiches are also good. That’s something my parents have (with the pasta) when it’s hot out.

Tortilla chips and dip. Canned refried beans are a good choice - you can eat them straight out of the can - and you can have salsa, queso, or sour cream with it as you prefer. No heating required.

If you drink tea, you can cold-brew it in the fridge. Put five to six cups of water in a container, put five tea bags in, and leave it in the fridge for eight to twelve hours. Then take the bags out and you have five servings of tea. Don’t leave it in there for more than five days, though.

It’s more of a snack than a lunch, but some prosciutto, cheese and Ritz or Club crackers can be used to supplement a meal. Prosciutto is basically a cured ham, which can be eaten without cooking (it’s delicious, but salty. That comes with it being cured, though.) If you want to stay away from high-fat, buttery crackers, water biscuits (similar in appearance to Ritz, and often used for the same purposes in regards to cheese) are a good substitute.

Also try experimenting with various deli meats and cheeses. While Kraft American cheese is popular, I’d avoid it simply because it’s so heavily processed it isn’t funny (it isn’t even technically cheese), more traditional cheeses like Colby, Monterey Jack, Provolone, Cheddar and so forth make good sandwich cheeses. Have fun playing around with breads too. Some ideas in that regard:

  • Deli corned beef and swiss on rye bread, maybe dressed with Russian dressing (serve it with a pickle); when the humidity drops, add sauerkraut and grill it to make a Reuben!
  • Slice a baguette lengthwise, spread salted butter over the inside, and layer it with deli ham to make a classic French sandwich (a jambon-beurre)
  • Deli “black forest” ham, pepper jack (or cheddar) cheese, lettuce and mustard on a single slice of sourdough bread (open face)
  • sliced salami, capocolo, calabrese and provolone cheese on a hoagie bun, with mayo and dijon mustard as a dressing
  • honey ham, salami, swiss cheese and sliced pickles with mustard on Cuban bread. When the humidity drops, put it in a panini press for a bit of variety.

thanks for that but I’m already am having cold drinks. Smoothies/iced choclate milk or in the next two days Iced Coffeed. I don’t really need cold tea as well.

When I meant cold lunches I mean for me to eat. I’m trying to avoid Dad’s lunches as much as possible when because Mom not home to make supper it means its only Dad and I for supper and well he’s an okay cook. So is it any wonder why I want to avoid his food for lunch as well when I’m forced to have it for supper already?

Yeah well I don’t really want to eat only tortilia chips for lunch (with salsa/queso/or sour cream). Not very healthy but then the cold chilli isn’t very healthy idea.

Only problem is we don’t have any deili meats if we did… another Idea I could have had on Friday for supper was wraps because I didn’t really want to have cook anything on Friday which is what I did (Pizza)

I guess I could have Ham salad (or tuna or salmon salad) sandwiches for lunch) I forgot about those.

and I forgot about PB and Pickles

I have a stack of canned things in the cupboard for quick easy meals. One thing I like to do in the heat is make a tuna salad/fake sushi bowl.

Can of tuna
Can of corn
Can of beans
Cut up carrot, cucumber and avocado
Heat a rice cup for one in the microwave (I don’t know if you have them, but here they’re portioned rice cups specifically to heat in the microwave. No cooking at all, only takes 40sec)
Toss it all together in a bowl
Add some pickle slices if you like them
Squirt on some mayo (and/or add a chilli sauce for a bit of heat)

Eat! That easy. Literally just opening some cans and tossing ingredients into a bowl, with a little bit of chopping.

You can mix and match ingredients to your preference or whatever happens to be in the cupboard. I often leave out the rice due to the need to avoid carbs, but if I use a big can of tuna and lots of veggies I often have leftovers for the next day. If you want to, leave out the tuna for a vegetarian meal. And because everything is cold or room temperature it’s very refreshing on a hot day.

Also, on the pasta front - a lot of pasta is available that is “two minute”. You open the packet, dump it into a bowl, pour boiling water over it, leave it for two minutes, then drain. Not really cooking and if you do it before the other prep work, put the bowl in the fridge, you can have cold pasta for a tuna salad or another cold pasta dish. It’s a little effort, but still faster and easier than actually boiling a pot of spaghetti or whatever.

Hummus and crudités?

canned corn
cherry tomatoes, halved
a chunk of peeled/sliced english cucumber
veggie dogs (or cooked real ones; I’m a vegetarian. I imagine it’ll work with canned beans or other cooked protein)
Chopped pickles
Chopped pickled jalapeno
Other chopped veg you’d normally put in a salad, like bell peppers or carrots, but I’d avoid lettuce unless you’re just going to serve on a bed of it.
Sour cream (real or vegan)
Sweet pickle relish

All ingredients are ‘to taste’. For me, making a single serving for myself, it’s 1/2 cup corn, 2 veggie dogs, 1 tbsp each of sour cream and relish, 1/4 cup of salsa, and everything else is "A handful of this, a chunk of that, 2 small pickles or 3 big ones, etc).

Put everything in a bowl, stir it up, and serve. If you don’t like spicy, leave out the jalapenos and use mild salsa.

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Do you have a microwave? Lots of stuff can be cooked that way if you can’t use the stove. Canned soups, eggs, hot dogs. Some stuff might taste different but it’d expand your options.

yeah we have a mircowave but I don’t really want to be having something hot in the heat we’re having currently. Soup is more of a fall/winter thing. It’s why I said cold chilli in the list earlier.

Lettuce and tomato sandwiches are yummy. Put some Mayo or miracle whip on bread put the lettuce and tomato on it. Yummy. Also you can do bacon in the microwave.

thanks for that but

we don’t have any bacon slices we have bacon bits through.

Thanks everyone for giving me ideas for lunch. Don’t know much I will be able to use.

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Ever try peanut butter & cheese sandwiches?
Make 2 slices of toast, put butter or margarine on both slices. Put peanut butter on one piece is toast, top with a slice of cheese. Toasting the bread only takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t heat up the kitchen, and by the time you eat it, it is just slightly warm. Good for when PB&J is too sticky-sweet.

Plowman’s lunch—pick one from each category:

  • some of bread, buns, crackers, or even taco chips
  • some kind of fruit or veg: grapes, apple slices or wedges, cherries, nectarines, plums, grape tomatoes, tomato slices or wedges, celery sticks, baby carrots
  • some kind of meat or protein: cheese, leftover cooked beef or chicken, ham/baloney/smoked beef/pastrami, deli roast beef slices, ready-to-eat pepperoni or other sausage (kolbasa, ham sausage, garlic sausage), cold hard boiled egg
  • optional: pickles, kimchi, pickled ginger
    Add mustard, chutney, ketchup or any other condiments that you think go well with the ingredients you used.

Also, I do lettuce and tomato sandwiches with a slice of cheese instead of bacon.

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