I wrote to McDonald’s corporate last night

So here’s the background. My mil had stopped there to get us dinner on the way home. She had one car in front of her and they had to pull over to the side as did she. Now she’s 20 minutes from our house when she picked up the food. We would have been fine heating it up. But the nuggets and my husbands filet o fish were both hard meaning they were sitting under the heat lamp. The one nugget was so burnt and shriveled that it looked like a peach stone. This is what I wrote to corporate.

This food was horrible. The chicken nuggets were OVERDONE as was the filet o fish. The best part? My MIL who picked up dinner for us on her way home from work had to pull her car over and wait. What did she wait for? The food wasnt fresh. I used to work at this McDonalds around 16 years ago. I know how it is. If things are hard its been sitting under the heat lamp. So again why did she have to pull over? We could understand it if the food was cold and we could deal with that. We have a microwave after all. But the nuggets were hard without microwaving.

They redid the McDonalds but corporate needs to do something about the sucky food.

We realize that covid has been hard on everyone but come on. As I said I worked for McDonalds. Its not rocket science.

This is the McDonalds in Plumsteadville PA.

I included that I worked for the store so they knew I know what I’m talking about. It takes a lot to get me POed but I was.

Update - the store called me and they said to come in for replacements.


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