I want to watch all Disney movies but I know I don't like Pirates of the Carribean movies?

I have a goal to watch all Disney movies both animated and live action and sequels. Not that I will be watching many of the movies in about over 2 weeks’ times for other reasons.

But I have just one tiny problem I already know I don’t like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies because some years ago Mom and I had tinkered with the idea of going to see a movie in this series and later that spring we happened to see a couple of secs of a different movie in the series and got turned off by the violence of the movie that we didn’t see (other movie we had thought about).

I don’t know if I can get my goal if I skip over Pirates of the Caribbean movies but I can’t think of something to “distract” me when watching them.

Any advice on “distracting myself” when I get to them?

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What exactly do you mean by “POC movies”? Hopefully not movies featuring People Of Color?

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I’m puzzled too! Oh, maybe it’s Pirates of the Caribbean?!

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Pirates of the Caribbean

I fixed it now.

That’s a tough one. I have a similar problem with blood and gore in movies. If it’s just for a moment, I’ll ask my husband to tell me when it’s safe to look again. However, if it’s a long scene with huge tension and sound effects… it’s just not worth it. People may laugh, but I just refuse to watch the Alien movies, they aren’t fun for me. Slasher movies (like the Jigsaw series, Halloween, etc.)? Nope. Not enjoyable, not worth it to even try watching.

So, if you don’t enjoy it, don’t make yourself watch. Maybe instead of watching every Disney movie, your goal is to watch every Disney movie with a G rating, or without a violence warning, or something like that?


The 1996 animated film The Hunchback of Notre Dame has a bunch of violence in it and I was obbessed with it as a 6-7 year old child. The only part I was really scared from as a child was when Frollo was arresting the non-whites.

I think the most darkness I can take is somewhere between The Black Cauldron (1985) and The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

What counts as a Disney Movie? Because Howl’s Moving Castle was published by Disney and yet could rightfully be considered a Ghibli movie. There isn’t a definitive list of Disney movies, maybe it’d be best to just watch the movies you want to watch.


I’d just skip those movies if you know you won’t like them.
I mean there are like 430+ ‘Disney’ movies; I doubt you can watch (or even find) them all, so why not adjust your ‘I want to watch all Disney movies’ to ‘except for the Pirates movies’.


The problem with distracting yourself with PotC is that a lot of the fight scenes have important moments in them, since people banter a lot during fights and do all the plot-important stuff while everyone else is in a major battle around them. You’ll probably miss important plot details and not know what’s going on. There are a lot of fight scenes, too, and they’re pretty long. And also there are things like executions. Outside of that, while the series does have humor, it also takes time to build suspense and create a feeling of dread.

Long story short, if you want to avoid the violence and horror elements, you’d have to distract yourself through most of the movie. More than half the first one, possibly, and that’s one of the tamer ones. At that point, I wouldn’t even consider that watching the movie, since you’re just getting incomprehensible glimpses of it.


If you’re having to distract yourself from a movie you’re not really enjoying it. I’d suggest simply skipping over those movies and just reading summaries of them or something like that. No point in making yourself stressed out over a goal that’s supposed to be fun.


If you’re having to distract yourself from a movie you’re not really enjoying it.

This! If you would just distract yourself from a movie, there’s no point in watching it in the first place.
Honest question: why would you want to watch all the Disney movies, as opposed to, as suggested by others, “all available Disney movies sans Pirates”? Would it bother you to know that you haven’t watched them all?


Here’s a suggestion: Pitch Meetings.

For those not familiar, Ryan George plays two people: a movie executive and someone selling them a script idea. These are extremely funny, and nicely sum up the film (whilst pointing out many of the flaws).

He has done all the PotC films, and the video below is the compilation of all five. There are clips included, and i think you’ll find it will be a lot less intense.


I will get to it but I just got home from a long day from Toronto. Went to see another version of Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike play. Mom and I saw it years ago and remember almost nothing. But I’m going to go to bed soon because its been a long day

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well that was a very interesting video . When I got to Dead Man Tell No Tales, when they mentioned a “Blood Moon”. I was starting to wonder about something. So when I finished the video… I had to go and double check something.

A youtube channel called Pattycake Productions has an original series called Disney Villians’ Lair it has one season and is on its Season 2 Some of the eposides are (original) songs but some are not songs, but “a lot of talking”, but in the one eposide (Epsoide 3) of Season 1, In order to work the (Greek) Sundial in order to reverse time itself requires a Blood Moon.

So I wonder if the creators behind the series might have “borrowed” from that particular movie even though they don’t normally deal with sequels.

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Not necessarily. Blood moons are a pretty common trope. It’s even in the bible.

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It’s possbiliy they might have pulled from mythology itself… but because the series is heavily influenced by Disney franchise there is the slight (and more likely) possbility of the creators pulling from POC then mythology. Espcially when they use a (dropped) plot element of TLM (The Little Mermaid) in their story movie. (The ‘drop’ part is that Urusla is basically Ariel’s aunt).

I certainly never heard of it before the Disney Villians’ Lair. Unless It basically Flew over my head in (certian wizarding franchise) with the term “Mars is bright tonight?”

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