I screwed up with the time on my radio clock

It’s going to be a story in three parts:

Part 1:
Since the 2nd week of November I been helping my Dad with the weekly grocery shopping. The last 5-6 weeks we been leaving at 9am in the morning to do the shopping-except for the first week-we been doing the shopping on Thursdays. Well anyway do to my province’s new restrictions late (at almost 11pm) Dad just remember that I would have to get up even earlier (7:15)then normal (8:15) to do the shopping because we didn’t know if we would have to be twiddling our thumbs outside the stores and stuff.

Part 2:
By the time I learned about the changed time plan-I had already set my alarm for the normal time. So after I did my teeth and said goodnight to the parents. I went and re-did the alarm for the new time. I must have somehow screwed up the main time on the main clock when trying to redo the alarm time.

Part 3:
I got up in the morning to go to the bathroom. When I checked my radio clock before getting out of bed to see what the time was-the clock said that it was 7:06. So I said “oh almost time to get up, I can go to the bathroom and read until the alarm goes off” I went to the washroom but I did notice that Dad’s bedroom door was still closed so I thought that was odd. So after going to the washroom, I went back and read until the alarm went off. I then got dressed (and by now it was after on my clock 7:26). I turned the light on in the bathroom and did what Dad had told me to do if he “wasn’t up when I got up” But when I did that I realized I had the time wrong on my clock because it was only 6:28am) since Dad told me that. So I went back to my room corrected the time and got back into my PJs and just shut my eyes for less then an hour (I didn’t actually fall back to sleep) and got up and got dressed for real.

I hate it when that happens. I had the same problem a few times, usually I notice something is off before I fall asleep, but the occasional time, it’s getting up too early.
I’m used to wearing a watch since I was 12, so usually figure it out once I put that on though, so I might have showered, but wouldn’t have bothered my parents or actually left home an hour early, thank god.

Back in April… on a Wednesday after my parents and I got our fist shot for “viral yuck” (on the Sunday) I work up at 8am but somehow I read "8am on my radio clock as “10am” so I went through all the movements-got up I think I took my pills, and had a shower and got dressed and then went to the library but I did notice once I was on the landing between the bedroom upstairs and the house library that there wasn’t the sound of the radio coming from the library (Mom sleeps up here) which I would normally here at 10-10:30am. But my first thought was “maybe she fall asleep on the couch downstairs” but I saw once I got to the first step before going up that Mom was actually on the library couch. So my 2nd thought was “maybe she forgotten to turn on the alarm?”. When I actually went up into the library I then saw on her radio clock that it said 8:30am. Then I thought "Mom’s clock is wrong and woke her up and Mom said it was my clock which was wrong or something. I know I went back to sleep (I think in my day clothes) after I did a double check of my own clock to realize my boo-boo.

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