I Regret not doing Rangers group in Girl Guiding

I didn’t know where to post this. For a little bit of this year I sort of regret not doing the last step of Girl Guiding (for Americans: Girl Scouts) which is Rangers and now I’m way too old to be part of the actually group for Rangers. But due to my experience with the two leaders of my second group of Pathfinders I didn’t really trust them to do Rangers properly.

Background in Canada Girl Guides is: 5&6 years old: Sparks (er renamed Rainbows now), Brownies 7&8 years old, Girl Guides 8-11, Pathfinders 12-14, and Rangers 15-17.

Background of my story
Now for the my first two years of Pathfinding I was with unit which was connected to my church (two women who run it were from my church, as were some of the members). Now in my 2nd year the two women said they’re shutting down that unit. Now in this one unit- we would go camping Twice a year one at one’s woman’s cottage in the fall and the other time was tent camping in the spring. So I had to go for my last year to another unit.

Actually story:
In this new unit, I was waiting for ages to go camping. But when the topic of camping finally came up (around spring)- and the leaders wanted to go camping on Mother’s Day. At the time, (and still do) don’t think it was appropriate to go camping on Mother’s Day. Especially in my case that Mom would have to come with me due to a past health reasons. My Mom having a sort of “day -off” on Mother’s Day was more important then going camping.

When I went to “graduate” from Pathfinders my Mom tried to convince to join the same new leaders’ Rangers unit. But due to the the above incident, I didn’t really trust them to do Rangers properly. Even though that technically it would be the girls doing the actually work or something like that

Am I wrong for deciding not to do Rangers due to the leaders’ Pathfinding camping?

PS. I’m kind of wondering now if the rest of the group the leaders and the other girls, had a bad relationship with their Mothers since why else would they go on Mother’s Day weekend camping? (I mean technically, it would be Friday , Saturday nights and be back home on Sunday afternoon). Its either that or they were like my Dad, very frugal.

PS could someone tell me how I could trim what I’m talking about?

I don’t really know what went down there, but I do know that bad leaders can really break a group, and even bad interactions (especially with a loss of trust) can derail someone’s course through a group. Which basically falls under sucky stuff that happens even though its not supposed to, and I’m sorry for your misfortune.

As far as trimming – it’s hard to trim down an emotional dump like this, but one point stands out, where you talk about “due to an incident which happened when I was about 10”. That immediately makes readers go “wait, that sounds interesting” and takes their attention away from the tale at hand. In a larger work it could be turned into a Noodle Incident, where it doesn’t actually matter what happened – the point is the effects, but in something like this, you should either skip it (the reader doesn’t need to know why your mother would have had to come along), or explain enough to ease the curiosity.

Nothing that interesting happened when I was about 10 except for the fact I got sick (which happened a lot before I was 10 when I went camping with the girl guiding) and on the packing-up and coming home Sunday I woke up in the hospital. Something about a chemical imbalance but that’s like you said a noodle incident. But the noodle incident is connected to the reason why Mom needed to go camping with me for the remaining years of Girl Guides.

Maybe @Stephen can tell me what I can trim out since he has helped before in that regard

For something like that, you could say something like “Mom would have had to come along because of my past health issues”, or just “my Mom would have had to come along:”.

It all seems fine. A couple of minor grammar issues, but nothing worth losing sleep over

so nothing needs to be trimmed?

Seems okay to me