I need to frame my Dad!

Okay, that was a bit melodramatic…

I’ve commissioned a watercolour painting, but I have no idea what frame to go for. Here’s a (doctored) image of the painting: what colour frame should I go for? Before you ask, I have no idea where it will be hung, so no idea of the colour wall paper. Also, ignore the black background; that won’t be present on the framed picture. It’s just how my tablet displayed the image when I got the screenshot.

These are the available frames

Ignore the prices; all are well within my budget. What are your thoughts?

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I figured it was a pun. It is you after all. I like the portobello one personally.

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Missed a few frames:

Personally I’d go with something more casual because the painting is also casual. Stylish and casual is the way to go. :wink:

I like the painting!

I agree with PublishedAuthor on the Portobello style; I think either black or white would be fine depending on whether you want to draw more attention to the frame or not. But you mentioned you have no idea where it will be hung; does that mean it’s going to your dad’s (or someone else’s) home? If so, consider that person’s general style and belongings when choosing colo(u)r; maybe most of their things are ornate or metallic or matte or flat or whatever. If not, consider your own style and belongings. :wink:

How big is the painting itself? If it isn’t tiny or huge, that 1.2" Portobello frame style should be fine; if that’d be disproportional for it, consider a larger/smaller frame accordingly.

Also, if you want more frame options, you could likely take the painting unframed to your nearest framing shop and see it next to actual pieces of a large range of frame styles/widths/colors, so you could see exactly what it would be like and decide what you like best without any potential photo/screen-varying color differences. (Or at least that’s how framing places around here work.)

Good luck with it!


I agree about wanting a more contemporary look. I’d be tempted to go for the gallery wrap. Second choice would be the narrow 1” white flat frame.

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I like the gallery wrap, too, but was worried that for a commissioned painting designed without a wrap in mind, the amount of the canvas needed to do a wrap might leave too little of the painting to be front-facing. But maybe I’m misunderstanding how that works.

They do leave sufficient material for gallery wrap.

I quite like the white frames, especially the sculpted portobello one. However, my parents do have some white walls, and the frame would become practically invisible if they hung it there.

I’m thinking of maybe one of the grey ones? I.e. the iron or whitewashed grey?

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I like the way the whitewashed grey one’s lighter bits echo the streaky clouds toward the bottom corners of the painting, but I’m not sure whether that would complement or look distractingly busy next to the painting itself.

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I’ve decided to go with the White Portobello frame. White was clearly the best colour for it, but I was concerned that should it get placed on a white wall, the frame could be lost.

But looking at it again this morning, I realised that the shape of the frame would give itself shadows in parts, which would allow it to stand out (but not to the point of distraction)


Obviously a decision has been made, but I’m posting this anyway :slight_smile:

I’ve learnt that the frame will enhance the same/similar colours in the picture/painting. A blue frame would put focus on the sky, a white on the clouds and a dark one on the person in the back. It’s a good trick for multi-coloured images and you actively want to change the focus :slight_smile:

The colourful ones (gold, green, red) would be a no-go for me, I might have gone with the simple black or white frame


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