I mistake my sister's second French bulldog for her first one

My sister was here on Friday with Arson and apparently what was a 2nd French Bulldog. I wasn’t aware she had gotten another French bulldog. So I assumed that the new French bulldog was the first (and only) French Bulldog that my sister had up until now. I did wondered why (first French bulldog) was acting like a “love bug” like Arson my sister’s non-French bulldog (whom acts likes a love bug if he’s around people) especially when it was his first time seeing us.

I only learned today or was it yesterday that sis had gotten 2nd bulldog. I don’t have any pictures of any of the dogs except for Arson with his “late” American Cocker Spaniel siblings.

Ok changed of mind, I got a picture of Blueberry and Asher (Blueberry even though she’s older is on the smaller one on right and Asher is on the left) I just painted over another dog because its not my sister’s dog.

Here’s a picture of the other three dogs. Two late dogs and the still living one
here’s the other picture of the two late dogs and the one still living dogs

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