I Messed Up, But The Lesson Will Stick

Heyyyy, it’s your friendly neighborhood editor again with a “whoops” for you.

My first job was at a fast food place. One time, I was working the drink station for drive-thru, and I knocked over a condiment bin. I bent to clean up the mess, and when I stood up, I whacked my head on the metal rack where we kept all our flavor add-ons for drinks. I managed to knock all the lids off and send all the flavor stuff everywhere — including all over me!

My coworkers laughed their butts off at me, and I got to spend the next several hours of my shift smelling like a candy store and slowly getting stickier and stickier as the stuff dried. I never lived it down, but I also never made that mistake again!


Please, I just showered, but now I want to again! :wink:


I think this story will stick in my brain for some time…

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Honestly, I’m just glad you didn’t end up with a head wound!

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Me, too! I remember it hurting for a moment but the embarrassment was far more painful. (Luckily?)