I know I'm inflexuible in making juice for Bible Camp but I'm set in a certian way?

Due to a story today, I was talking about my experience in Bible Camp and how one of my jobs before “Viral Yuck” is at Bible Camp to do the juice. I have a specific method of doing the juice- and it means leaving the water running when I’m opening the next can of juice for 6 jugs of juices after I finish one jug of juice. It streamlines the process for me v.s. turning the tap on/off between each jug I was saying that the newer jantior (even though he isn’t “new” anymore) keeps turning the tap off on me when I’m trying to do that job.

Well someone said I’m lazy for “not wanting to do it that way”. It just I been doing the job since 2002-2019. I think I know what works for me?

Here’s a sort of layout of the church kitchen Simstyle

Why does the kitchen layout matter?

Anyway, yeah, if you’re leaving it on for long enough that the janitor can come over and turn it off, then that’s a problem. If the church has to pay for water, then by doing it that way, you’re wasting the church’s money. Not to mention wasting water.

Why not fill all jugs at the same time and open the cans later when you’re not leaving the water running?


all the cans and all the jugs are all out on the counter (see picture 3). What I do is open Can one, put the juice in, and then use the can as a “cup” and put 3 and 1/2 can of water into the jugs and rinse and repeat with the next jug until all 9 jugs are done. My problem is that, as I go to open up the next can, that the janitor will appear behind me and turn the tap off over my shoulder, And he can even SEE that I’m working? It just it’s streamline the processes for me if I leave the water running instead of turning it on/off which takes longer.

And the job is long enough, with those simple stuff and + putting the jugs into the fridge for snack time (yes I do turn the water off for when I’m taking jugs to the back).

My mom taught me to put juice in first (because sometimes we have to um “mash” it because it’s still frozen, even if it’s been in the fridge overnight), and then put 3 and 1/2 cups of water in it. I can’t really change what I have done since summer of 2002. it just makes me grumpy about having to waste time turning on/off water, to do the 3 and 1/2 for 9 jugs (and later in the morning I will have to make 3 more jugs), so that’s 12 jugs a day, I’m making.

The layout is a bit important because I can’t really fill all the jugs with juice before adding water in because of the small workspace I have in the corner (see picture 3)

Then why not open all the cans before turning on the water? It would save a lot of time if you don’t have to pick the can opener up between jugs.


Because there’s not enough room for all cans to be opened? There’s barley enough space for the jugs + juice cans. (those Little Minute conrecate cans) And even if I did open up all the cans first, when I’m grab the next can to toss it into the next jug, the janitor, would still turn the tap off me.


(the hardest part of opening up the cans is the little paper thing around the lid)

I mean I don’t interfere in his job do I? So he should just leave my system ALONE. I been doing my (Volunter) job much longer then he’s been a janitor for the church.

Sometimes I wish I could interfer with his job, because his “turning water off on me when I’m using it” isn’t my own problem with this particular janitor.

My other problem is with my other volunteer job (cleaning up the sanctuary) is when he turns a big vacum on when I’m in there and he doesn’t give me a heads up in there!. Any other member of the church if they’re doing something noisy in the sanctuary, (like the organ), they at least give me a heads up.

And there’s a crossover of the two volunteer jobs with the same janitor. Because when we had a renovation of the church about 2005, whomever was in charge, never put the celling fans back with the church lights. So in the summer, we had to deal with stand-alone fans in summer months right near the stage. Well with my cleaning up the sanctuary on the Friday after Bible Camp has finished for the year, I will clean up the sanctuary on the Friday, and every year, for the last several years, the janitor will turn the fans off on me despite me, you know working?

If there’s not enough space for the cans and the jugs, then where do you keep the cans?


they’re all on the counter infront of the jugs? I can’t really remember it’s been two summers (thanks Covid) since I last did it.

Then why does it take up more space if the cans are open?


Open all the juice, put a juice into each jug, then turn on the water.


I also have to use each can, for each jug, to put the water into the 9 jugs. because they aren’t all the same flavour. Some might be berry juice, some might be some kind of fruit bunch, or some might be grape juice, or another flavour. It depends on whatever Mom and I pick out the day before from the freezer and put them in the kitchen fridge to thaw until we come in (before 8) to get ready for the day which is suppose to start at 9am sharp (but it never does)-

I mean the guy is a lot newer then me, so maybe he should just leave me alone without interfering in a process I had going before he was hired? I don’t remember when he was hired, but around the same time as maybe when the leaders of the Bible Camp got switched over? (nope, maybe a year or 2 later) and as of 2019, that was 10 years ago in 2019 (so the current leaders started in 2009) and even the janitor was hired by then . And I had been doing the job since 2002, and by 2009- I had been doing 7 years of this job plus an additional 10 years after it. so 17 summers of it by 2019 But he only been an nusance in the last 7 years.

I don’t care if he’s the father of someone I want to Pathfinders with!

(he’s getting paid, I’m not I’m a volunteer)…

So keep the cans nearby and use them as you get to the jug containing their juice.

Question: what’s the janitor usually doing right before he turns off the water? Some water systems lose pressure when someone is using a lot of it. If he’s trying to fill up a mop bucket or do the dishes, having the water running when you’re not using it might make his water pressure drop. That would make it more difficult for him to do his job.

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He’s not really doing anything. He just comes in and to me turns it off, despite the fact I’m technically using it to make juices for the children and youth (helpers) to drink at snack time. He doesn’t really have anything to do at 8am in the morning except to chitcat with volunteers whom are around in various areas (so 3-4 adults in kitchen-I’m one of those adults and it depends on if it’s watermelon day or not), or talk to the volunteers whom have come in for the Drama story of the day. He doesn’t have to do anything until I’m guessing after the kids leave (but not the youth, since 2009-they get a lunch). I mean one year when he was around, I had to clean up a gaterode botttle that someone had left on the floor or something and that was about 10:30am. The only time he does additional duty work is that if the youth and adult volunteers have lunch and it’s hot dogs, he BBQs them for us.

He wouldn’t really be mopping the floor at 8am in the morning not when kid’s will be sitting on the floor in the gym (basement) or sitting on the floor in the Great Hall (next to the kitchen) during snack time, or after they finish making the cooking craft and it’s not time to go to the next activity (suppose to start at 9am, and then go to noon Monday-Thursday)

-Opening -9am learn a new song, and dance or the other three days go over old songs
-go to first activity (different groups come in different orders, the easiest day is when the kids come in by age group so like Jk/Sk first, Gr.1-2, Gr.3-4, Gr.5-6. or if its backwards. (Gr.5-6 first, and JK-Sk last). It’s really confusing on the other day when it’s like Gr. 34, JK, 5-6, and 3-4)
after the X amount of mintues they go to next activity- (so drama, or games, or song)
about 10:20am, it’s snack time and it goes to 10:30am

Then by 11:45 we start to clean up from the day/make the youth and adult volunteer’s lunches. And it’s also is closing ceremony in the sanctuary

( I’m roughing the numbers just remembers two groups come in before snack time, and two groups come after snack time).

Sometimes if the weather is bad outside (where the games are), the game youth volunteers come inside and do a game with which has to do with story of the day- inside outside the hall.

And why would anyone be doing dishes at 8am in the morning? No one has used the dishes yet? We don’t use them except for the pitchers (and for some other people’s coffee mugs) until after 11:45pm. And even them, Mom rinses them off and puts them in the church dishwasher.

So he’s coming in from outside the room and turning it off?

Yeah basically he’s coming from outside the room and turning the tap off. It’s not like he’s coming in to get another cup of coffee (he already come in to do that at an earlier point, and the coffee jug is full).

So you have several duties and while you generally do the juice at the same time every day, some days it might take longer to get around to it. So he wouldn’t know exactly when you’re doing it. And he’s coming in from outside the room to turn off the water.

That sounds like something you’re doing is affecting the water supply, because if he’s not in the room and you don’t do it consistently, then he shouldn’t know when you have the water on. But he does know. Which really sounds like you’re affecting the water supply in some way.

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I only have like 3 duties.

1)Make juice first thing in the morning
2.) set the paper cups out on trolleys (I can’t spell that word)
3) take snacks down to the (what I’m going to call nesting) nesting areas of the various kids.

Picture, 9 empty jugs on the counter there’s also 9 cans of thawed frozen juice. Step 1)Open up the can which means playing with the tricky tab on the can Step 2)dump the juice in (and maybe having to “mash” it with a spoon or something) Step 3)use the can as a cup (like it even says on the can to do!) and put in three cups of water. Step 4)Put jug on trolley behind me.

Rinse and repeat for the next 8 jugs. It’s when I’m grabbing the the next can and doing Step 1 again is when he always comes in and turns the tap off on me. No one else is complaining, about me wasting the water only he is. But I rather have the water running in between pitchers then me wasting my time, by having to do the additional steps Step 3)turn water off, 4)put jug on trolley, 5)do the first 2 steps again, and then 6) turn water back on for and rinse & repeat. It’s not like I’m leaving it on when I’m going to the fridge to put at least 6 out of the 9 jugs away before I do the last 3 pitchers . Now if I was doing THAT I could see him complaining, but I have NINE PITCHERS to fill. It’s more efficient for me, to do it with water running then having to waste my time in during the water on/off between every single pitcher not when there’s a lot of time to make the juice before 9am. And it been my system for 7 years before this guy showed up. I want to stick with the system, I started with and not have to change it.

I kind of miss the days when the janitor was on vacation during Bible Camp week (the only thing I don’t mind about this janitor is the hot dogs for youth and adults volunteer on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during the one week of Bible Camp).

If you’re wondering how we would get into the janitor’s closet without the janitor not there? Easy it’s not locked anyone can go in there at any time to get items.

Bible camp is like from 9am-noon. Monday-Thursday. I can’t remember what time Mom and I would get to church but I’m up before 7am because I think we have to be at the church for 8am?

Have you talked to camp/church leadership about this issue?

No, because the church minster in recent years (pre-Covid) is away turning that time. and also the two main Bible Camp leaders are a bit busy with running the Bible Camp.

My Mom (who is basically the main leader of the three till four adults in the kitchen area aka cooking activity) just says let the janitor have his way. But Mom’s the one who showed me how to do it that way in the first place.

But you can kind of see if you have to deal with the same thing four days a week out of a five-day week and that’s over at least 7 summers since he was hired (the last two years don’t count because there’s been no in-person Bible Camp)? Come in and try to make the juice and every single day, he comes in and turns the tap off on me in between pitchers. At least he only comes in once, and does, that but still that’s really pisses me off because its screws up the system I have. I mean technically I could do what he wants and after he leaves and go elsewhere (like outside somewhere) I can just go back to doing my way.

Like I said, this isn’t my only problem with the janitor.

I can also see how it would be extremely frustrating to try to do something with the water and find that you can’t because someone is running it when they aren’t using it.

And either way, it’s also very frustrating to see people wasting water.


But as far as I’m aware the janitor has literally has nothing to to do at the church by the time I get to the church and the church’s kitchen. Basically the way I see it is by the time the kitchen folks arrive all of his jobs are long done. Since kids are streaming in by then as well

So he’s literally in my opinion has nothing to do except to stand around and chat with adult volunteers. So is it any of his business of me wasting water, when I’m trying to get MY first job done and I only have like between 8:15am-8:50am to get the job done right away. (like I said, I can’t remember what time, the kitchen folks including myself get in since it’s been two years since last in-person Bible Camp but if all adult volunteers whom aren’t on stage, and kids are suppose to be in the sanctuary by 8:55 sharp for opening to happen at 9am sharp not that it ever does,).

Because as soon as the first group comes into the kitchen, I have to start to count out the paper cups. And then by the 2nd group’s coming in, I have to carefully pour the juices into the paper cups. (i forgot the pouring juice duty). If get them done before snack time (which is about 10:20-10:30am - if it’s not a watermelon day , me and a Youth helper of the group which is in there sorts out, the snack of the day (Bea paws , or pre-made applesauce)

It’s only seem to be an issue first thing in the morning through. Since after snack time, I have to make 3 additional jugs for the youth and adult lunch, and as far as I’m aware he never seems to come in and turn the tap off on me then. Despite me during exactly the same thing as before in “Wasting” water when no one else seems to be using it in either case?

But technically I am using the water because I’m using it to make drinks for more then 48 people? Since I remember I have to count either 20 or 25 cups out on the top of the two trolleys and I only fill the cups about half way (because knowing kids, they can be messy).

So I can’t remember how many pictchers get empty, two maybe 3-4 and a half, and then we leave the half one out for the youth plus a full one and about 2-5 cups return to the kitchen on at least one trolley and some youth volunteers drink that.

One of the few jobs that the janitor has to do that I am aware of is to fill this kind of dispenser up with water:

and he’s already done that by the time the kitchen folks come in.