I just got a shout out on a video!

before I begin, I should warn you that if you find the thought of looking at ears being cleaned rather disgusting, then DO NOT click on any links I post in this thread!

I am a big fan of Audiology Associates, and was surprised when I got a shout out at about seven minutes in!

The reason is that what he normally does is on the 12 days leading up to Christmas is he posts a video called The 12 Days of Waxmas. Last year, for every day, I posted a new line. First vid is here

…and if you check the comment section you should hopefully find my post.

Anyway, this year he decided to do the whole advent calendar! Fortunately I’d already started writing this years 12 Days, but I now have to get writing for Days 13 to 24. I have plans, but will I get them all ready by then if you can stomach it, come and see!

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