I don't even know what to think

Had a client today with a 2 year old daughter that died in a car accident.

the dad was in a pickup truck, the pickup got hit by a schoolbus. There’s some question by the insurance company about if the daughter’s car-seat was secured properly, or even could be secured properly, in a pickup truck so they’re trying to deny any payout for the death, though there’s no doubt that the accident was the fault of the schoolbus.

But… anyway, that’s like… super tragic and painful, but they said that they ‘converted to Christianity’ as a result and I just… I don’t understand.

Why would having a terrible tragedy in your life make someone more likely to sing the praises of a divine entity? It doesn’t really make sense.


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because ‘our daughter died because of some big mystical plan we cannot understand’ is easier to process than ‘our daughter died in an accident, that I could maybe have avoided’


People like the idea of there being a plan more when they are in chaos. When they dont feel in control there is comfort in feeling like someone is.

Also with Christianity and many other (most other?) Religions there is a afterlife component. And if you have just lost your small child I can see there being some comfort in the idea that that child has gone to some sort of afterlife rather than just stopped existing.