How much exercise should I do on Grocery day after helping Dad with getting groceries?

I been helping my Dad since week of Nov 7 th and he’s a real-life Hagrid. Like I have to run to keep up with him or call out to tell him to “Slow down!” And it also doesn’t help that in a lot of stores I have to push/operate the shopping cart. I’m only with him because he’s not suppose to yet (I don’t know when) to lift heavy things like milk bags or orange juice jugs.

Just in case people don’t know what I mean by milk bags:

So in the afternoon after I catch up on stuff and have my 2 courses of lunch (my main course +fruit Mom makes) I just feel like maybe doing 34 step exercise Mom taught me 2 summers ago and she had to reteach me recently. Dad is always suggesting on those days I do the bike in our basement. But I just feel like that would be like you know, too much?

Mom thinks I should also do the Cubii (exercise machine) I got for Christmas. But I don’t think I want to over exhausted myself after chasing a real-life Hagrid around all morning.

How much exercise do you think I should do after grocery shopping with my Dad on Thursday mornings? I will try not to be temperamental with other people’s responses

I think there is no right amount anyone here can give you. The answer is subject to so much:
How much is your regular exercise, why do you exercise, how much exercise exactly does shopping give you, etc. Etc.

I believe the right answer should be: as much as you feel like doing. These shopping trips are not indefinitely, so as long as these trips run, it should be ok to exercise a little less due to the extra you do during shopping.


I literally have to run after Dad in stores to keep up with him because I might turn one corner of a store aisle, and he’s already is up the next aisle? And I also have to do the heavy lifting. Like I have to take like 5 or more steps for Dad’s every one. Its why I compared him (my Dad) to Hagrid from Harry Potter Sirius. *series (heck, if i’m going to spell a word wrong, might as well spell it in a character’s name).

Like today I turned a tight corner with a shopping cart at (store 1) today and Dad was half way to the cash registers by the time I got up with him (by literally running) and that’s not counting the U-turn i had to do with the shopping cart to get it into right position.

And I mostly excerise to loose weight/gain some strength

Doing an exercise you enjoy can be good for your mental health; I know I’ve found running helps me.

If you find it helps you, and you’re not causing physical problems by over exercising, then try not to worry about achieving a set amount and just do it for fun.


But that’s not the problem. My problem is my dad every single Thursday says despite the fact I say “I don’t want to do too much exercise” always suggests the freakin’ exercise bike in the basement. and after chasing Dad (a literally Hagrid) around six stores all morning? That I feel like the most I can handle in the afternoon on those days is maybe 34-40 of the “step exercise”.

So I just wonder what people thight might be a good amount of exercise after chasing after a Hagrid all morning?

Do you have rest days or do you exercise 7 days a week?

Most days, I try to do more exercise. Like with the exception of today, I been using my new Cubii machine, and I got from 1:45-to 2;00kim in the last three days (from 1:75 to 2:00 yesterday, and 1:50 to 1:75 the day before,). The only days I get rest of exercising is if my sister and her boyfriend are around. I get an excuse to be lazy and not do exercise that day.

if the weather is good and I don’t have to wear my Frankenboots, Dad and I might take a walk together. yeah I’m loosing weight. But still, Dad’s a Hagrid weather it’s inside or outside of a store.

But then these are the same parents who want me to walk an half-hours walk to and from a gyn?

The standard recommendation is to do about 150 - 300 minutes of moderate exercise a week. ~30-60 minutes a day for five days and take two days off a week, only doing light cardio or taking a break entirely. I’m not saying that you have to change anything, but looking into the science of rest days might be a good argument to convince your dad that you should have rest days.

There are a few reasons for rest days. First, exercising tears up your muscles. Giving them a break allows them to heal back stronger. Which is good not only for building up strength, but the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn, so it’ll help lose weight. If the muscles are healing, you don’t get that same static effect. However, if you’re exercising the same muscles every day, they don’t get the chance to completely grow back. This is why a lot of people exercise different groups of muscles on different days, e.g. leg day.

Second, exercise increases cortisol, aka. the stress hormone. Cortisol creates glucose (sugar) in your body in order to fuel activity. Thing is, it creates glucose out of proteins and lipids rather than carbs, and it also decreases the effectiveness of insulin, meaning that that can’t break down carbs as well as it should. This is one of the ways people get diabetes, actually: too much stress can lead to cortisol screwing with their insulin and then the excess carbs in their system start messing with everything else. Rest days reduce the cortisol produced from exercise and give the body a chance to relax.

Third, if you accidentally miss a day, that day becomes a new rest day. Helps prevent you from getting demotivated and breaking the chain. I don’t think this is quite as convincing, though.

So, since there are good reasons to take a rest day, are there any health or exercise websites that your dad trusts? If he has some, then you can try to find articles on that site for rest days and see if that’ll convince him that you don’t need to exercise every day. (Or you could tell him yourself, but it’s more convincing if it comes from a source he trusts.)

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Due to my medical issues. A part of my body which doesn’t produced hormones that it should means one of my prescription meds is I think related to cortisol.

Except for my sister’s being here or I’m just way too tired to do anything (which been late only on Thursdays), i been doing exercise of some kind for a entire year (or two years)

As far as I know there isn’t any good exercise sites he trust. i mean mom has given me several newspaper clippings of ways of exercising -one was chair exercise for instance. I can’t remember the other one. Stressing?). I mean I just wish he would LISTEN to the fact I just said “I don’t want to do much exercise” That on the Thursdays afternoon I can just feel like I can do 34+ of the steps not do Cubii (Mom’s suggestion even though it’s more gentle then the bike) or the bike (dad’s suggestion). When I am being running raggedy in six different stores from 8am, till about either 10:30am to 11am chasing after a Hagrid. I do have some hand weights up here, they’re five pounds, so technically I can also do them.

But I have not only have I have getting my cardio exercise (by running after a Hagrid aka my Dad) but I also got my strength training as well as being Dad’s carrier to the car or lifter (we didn’t get OJ today but normally we do) but we did get a bunch of other stuff, only like 2 bags were supper heavy of stuff we got. But then he decided to lift the bag with milk bag (and other stuff) out of the car by himself after we got home?!

And in additional sense, when we get milk at store 1 normally (got it from a different store today), he makes me do additional exercise by having me “park” the shopping cart on the “far” side of a freezer bin and have me walk to the other side of the same freezer bin and carry 1 mik bag to the shopping cart, and then rinse and repeat for a 2nd milk bag.

Another possible solution: would your parents get you a wrist step tracker/heart rate monitor? If you have one that can tell how much you’ve been exercising and if you’re getting quality exercise, then wear it during your grocery trip. Showing them how much exercise you’re doing on the trip and how many steps you’re taking might change their minds.

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My parents did get me one of those years ago. My Mom and my sister tried to set it up (with me walking next to a ruler) but for some reason it didn’t work out?. I mean I don’t know how big steps I take?! It depends on whom I’m walking with! Like with Dad, if we take a walk… (on non-grocery days) I have to literally hold his arm to keep up with him sometimes! I can take smaller steps if I’m with my mother though. And if there’s ice or snow on the ground, I can take really small steps.

And also it wouldn’t count for the times when Dad “parks” me in an annoying spot, unless I move so people don’t think I’m waiting for something. (drugstore happened twice in the last four weeks/ cash register)

What does a ruler have to do with setting it up?

I don’t know? They needed to measure how big steps I took or something?

The only thing I can think of is that it was a GPS which measured how many steps you took by how far you went. Which would make it completely useless for exercising on a stationary bike, for instance.

there are pedometers that have a function where you can tell them what your average step is like, so it can get a more accurate estimate of how many steps you’ve taken based on how far you went.

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problem is I don’t know what my average step is like! I think that’s why we used the ruler!

Yeah, that’s like asking how tight your fist is. You can make it tighter or looser. That’s why a lot of them use the amount of body motion to judge when you’ve taken a step. That’s certainly not 100% reliable, but if you’re moving enough to trigger it then it might as well count as a step.

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I was complaining to Mom last night as I was going to bed about Dad “always suggesting the exercise bike on Thursday” and Mom’s response was “You can never do to much exercise, that you could do 15mins every day, and it still wouldn’t be enough” But then when I said “I don’t want to do over do it” and Mom said the only way I could “over do it, if I was like my sister who (either a)before viral yuck, or b)when the gyms were open) went to the gym and did 30mins every single day and on Saturdays did 20km bike ride”

This is the same Mom who wanted me to walk 30mins to the nearest gym, do about 30mins of exercise at the nearest gym, and then do walk another 30mins back to the house.

Mom’s exercise on days when she doesn’t do laundry of any kind (clothes/towels/bedsheets)and doesn’t go out is a bunch of stretching-leg stretching, arm stretching, bending down to try to touch her toes. If you add laundry day to it, its also going up and down 2 sets of stairs to take stuff down to the basement, bring stuff up, and hang it in the library.

Like I get up after 7am on Thursday mornings since the week which ended in Dec 18th. I have breakfast my Dad makes (porridge + bread PB and coffee & OJ) I get out of the car at almost every store, and I operate the cart-at all but one of those stores, we use a basket in the last one). The other week (might have been last week?) on Thursday at one of our stops (what’s another term for asking what the price of something is? it’s part of this wholesaler’s name) I was operating the cart, and going up and down aisles, in one aisle, I got cut-off by another customer, so by the time I got by them, Dad had already turned down the next aisle and was half-way up the next aisle. (the only thing I dislike about shopping is that Dad goes up and down the aisle at this particular wholesaler) so I literally had to run, to catch back up with him. And last week in our most local grocery store he “parked” me in one aisle and totally forget he left me there, until i got up with him a couple of aisles over.

Then when grocery shopping is all done-we bring the groceries home and I help take them from the car and I help take them downstairs to the basement as well And when we have as many as 6-7 bags of groceries? Oh and depending on where we park in the store parking lot, it can be as little as 5 paces between t where we parked the car or over 25-30 paces in bigger parking lots (mart of walls, or the wholesaler, or a store where i guess only super heroes shop at/s)

Yesterday, I made an extra trip to the basement since Mom and I needed more yogurt for lunch. So I took my laundry basket with clothes needing washing to the basement on my way down. And then later that day, I brought a laundry basket up to the library which Mom had left on the top of the bundle buggy in the front hall. But I did the 35+ “step excerises” between the yogurt+ fruit course and supper.

I think my Mom (and by dad) is trying to push me to do too much especially on grocery store days

@Stephen @KiannaMcDowell @Katrin

A friend of mine was using one of those step counters, until she found out that if she just sat still and knit, it counted every stitch as a step. She knew those things weren’t 100% accurate, but . . .

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my pedometer was on my phone, so it didn’t have that particular issue. it did have other issues, of course, one of which is if I want to have an accurate count for the day I have to carry my phone with me all day, which I’m bad at and hate doing.