How much does a story change?

I was flicking through my notifications, and I saw I had an upvote on a comment I made over three years ago. It was for this story

It’s not my comment that’s the focus of this post, it’s the others talking about how much their stories had been changed. The OP of this particular story was most upset that it had been rewritten to be about him and his dad, rather than about his dad and his grandfather.

A few other people responded about their experiences with over-editing.

Before I go any further, I would like to make it clear I’m not accusing the editors of doing anything wrong, nor am I saying that any of the current staff were responsible for any of the editing of the ones talked about in that comment section.

What I am genuinely interested in is if this is a common thing, changing the perspective of who is telling the story, and what factors do you take into consideration when you decide on doing a rewrite like that?


I think we have a commentor who said their friend had send in a story and they editors basically mangled it. That somehow the editors thought what was really cardboard cutouts of I think Robin Hood(?) on top of the castle were actually real-life people.

And there’s that reddit repost-(I don’t know if they edited it since to correct the only “him”)-but the original reddit post was about Reddit’s poster’s former Brother-in-law but they changed it to “first person format” except for the one “him”.

and there’s a story where I believe it start off as sister talking but ends with it being OP (ME)…

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I remember that story… it was my friend who sent it in!

(I really should have made that clearer in the comment section rather than just hinting the location)

Not cardboard cut outs, but fibreglass. I remember going there when my kids were little.

Not been there in a very long time, but here is a photo of Dribble Dragon Castle in Wonderland. I think this is from the front of the castle; IIRC, the Robin Hood characters were round the back on a similar type of battlements.



cool! But when I see the word Wonderland-I think of Canada’s Wonderland (but I never been there). Or the Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland.