How I became a godparent

So, first off, I am pro-choice. Animals in nature will deliberately induce abortion if they don’t have resources to raise their children, or will even eat their own kids.

I don’t recommend every doing what I did unless you know the person very well. I know this person very well, she’s my childhood friend. We’re basically siblings.

Her boyfriend is disabled and his mom is racist and does not appreciate the fact that he and my friend are in an interracial relationship.

My friend, who has a phd by the way, has always been a little dumb about female hygiene: she uses the counting method of contraception and uses wadded toilet paper instead of panty liners.

Anyway, she calls me one day in a panic. She asks if I’d be willing to walk her past the sign wavers at the abortion clinic.

“Yes, but this is the first i’ve heard about you being pregnant. Tell me a little about it?”

“My pregnancy test just came back positive”

“You’ve already scheduled the abortion? Is there something wrong with the baby?”

“I’ve not been to the doctor yet. There’s no instruction manual for raising children. I’m not financial stable yet! My boyfriend can’t help raise her. My parents are going to freak out.”

“Ok, first off there are manuals for it. Manuals, and classes, and your parents”

“But my parents are going to freak”

“You’re 31. Your older siblings have 7 children already. Your parents are probably going to be fine with it.”

“That’s different. they were with Dad’s old wife. Mom doesn’t have any grandkids.”

“Look, I think you’re panicking a little. You should first check with the doctor to see if the baby is healthy, and then tell your parents and discuss with them”

“There’s no one to watch my child while I’m at work. My boyfriend can’t!”

“I honestly think that your parents will help support you. Your parents care a lot about you, and i’ve seen them with their other grandkids. They’re going to be tickled pink to have one more” (I didn’t offer to babysit myself because I live two states away from her)

“I’m not financially stable yet! I have 16k in credit card debt and this is going to affect my career!”

“Yes, that’s a valid reason to abort. But right now you are panicking. You are panicking and not thinking clearly. I will gladly walk you into the clinic, holding your hand the whole time, if you still want to abort for financial reasons after you calm down. Call me in the morning and tell me your decision. If you don’t want to, I’ll walk you to the doctor, and I’ll help you tell your parents, and whatever else you need me to do “


“Look, I’m here for you. If you decide to abort, I’m here for you. If you keep the child, I’m here for you. You have options.”

Anyway, long story short, she kept the baby, who is now 6! and I’m officially a godparent!


That is a lovely story, and you did an amazing thing in offering all the right support and advice as she needed it.

However, i really hope the editors don’t decide to put this story on the main page. I made a comment in this story expressing my disgust at Texas for introducing draconian abortion laws, and the trolls really came out of the woodwork; the story wasn’t even about that!

I dread to think about what would happen in the comment section if this lovely story went live


How sweet! I’m so glad you made sure to calm your friend down first. They say you should always wait 24-48 hours before making big decisions, so I’m glad you were able to help your friend out, and are now a godparent! :smiley: