How has Brexit affected you?

First of all: I am not interested in a political debate whether Brexit was right or wrong. Keep your tone civil

I know there are a few Brits here, and I’m curious if and how Brexit has had any affect on your life.

I’m asking, because I’ve talked with several cruising Brits, and they are, logically, affected because of the restricted movement (in comparison to pre-Brexit) Many cruising plans have been crushed, because of the 90-day-rule.

For the cruisers from countries still in the EU, circumnavigation had been affected too. If your boat leaves the EU for more than 3 years, you will have to pay import taxes on the boat again when you re-enter the EU. Before Brexit this wasn’t a big issue, they’d just stop at some British Island somewhere to reset the clock. Now it takes more planning.

Being blunt? It pretty much hasn’t.

Now, restrictions due to the health crisis, including shipping delays due to quarantine requirements, etc, certainly have, and I know that a lot of people have tried to blame Brexit for many of those — but even the Republic of Ireland have had mandatory 14-day quarantine restrictions on people arriving from certain EU countries, so remaining in the EU wouldn’t have exempted the lorry drivers. But I haven’t even seen so much as a down-tick in co-workers from EU countries that can actually be traced back to Brexit.

The only real Brexit-related impact I’ve had has been with some currency conversion rates, and that’s caused by speculators and stock-markets panicking, rather than any concrete economic causes. And it took place before Brexit actually happened, but after the results of the referendum.

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For me personally, I’ve stopped buying things from abroad, because delivery times and costs have increased.

At work, it has become a nightmare sending goods to Northern Ireland. Metal costs have doubled, and we’ve had to switch some grades of steel because of availability issues.


For me, I have seen cost increases for all sorts of random things. Brexit was blamed. Now Covid is blamed. Next I predict that it will be something to do with making products greener that will be blamed.

It hasn’t affected my personal life very noticeably. There’s been a few pence put on the price of tinned tomatoes and the like but that could be due to anything.


A friend of mine is in the metal industry. They have the same issue with their metal, so I guess this is not a Brexit problem.

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I guess it depends where they are.

We used to use D2 grade for our heat-treatable steels, but our supplier has a lot of trouble getting it from their supplier in Germany owing to customs issues. So we’ve switched to a different grade that is easier to obtain.

so many customs issues…

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It’s affecting me more now, albeit indirectly: buses.

It used to be that buses come past my place at up to 7 minute intervals. But we are short on bus drivers now. Why? Loads have left to become HGV transport delivery drivers.

Why? Lack of transport drivers after brexit meant there was a lack of food on shelves and fuel in petrol stations. So salaries for delivery drivers were ramped right up. Many bus drivers saw this and decided if they were going to be driving every day anyway, Why not get paid more?

Apparently Coventry is short of 160 drivers. And this is repeated across the country.

Sometimes my bus doesn’t come, and I end up having to take a different bus and walk the rest of the way. Not fun when it is cold and wet at 7 in the morning.

And after work, I am often half an hour later getting home. And I suspect it is going to get worse.

And if bus drivers are offered an incentive to stay, other industries will lose workers there. This is going to be like flattening bubbles on wallpaper: each bubble squashed will cause a new one to pop up elsewhere.


The lorry driver issue reached the news here too. Are there other areas where there’s a (new) noticeable lack of workers?

We had two German scientists om board shortly after the vote. They were working at the Oxford Unuversity and told us that most of the foreign collegues had, or were considering, to quit. They had resigned too. Not because they couldn’t stay, but they experienced a lot of xenophobia, which drove them away.

I was considering moving to the UK for a while actually, but life took another turn instead :slight_smile: