How am I been a racist for stating how racism works?

I’m sick of people accusing me of the one being racist when all I’m doing is stating how racism works. I’m just standing the facts of how racism works. Not my problem if no body wants to go do the research of how the amygdala works with racism.

The latest story people are saying I (and OP) are the “racists” ones is in yesterday’s story of “Race narrative”. When all I’m have pointed out is if the construction behind “Karen” in the story had been white the “Karen” would have been less likely to have accused them of stealing “Karen” 's wallet.

Yet a common stereotype for over 150 years of Blacks are they’re criminals. I know that’s not true. But it’s thought of so much that blacks have trouble shopping, dinning, or do anything that us white folks take for granted.

Like if us white folks were stopped by police we would have the freedom to walk away without the fear of police arresting us for “resting arrest” and stuff (see: T.A.V.I.S protect aka Neptune Four case) or having to show our ID because “we don’t fit into the neighbourhood”.

We, white folks can go into the store without having to worry about being followed around by employees and not accused of having “Stolen money” or a “stolen credit card” when we attempt to buy something.

And unless we’re in Japan at least- it’s very unlikely that if we white people showed up to view an apartment that the landlord would say “Opts I already rented the apartment to someone else” or something and yet if we send a friend of another colour and the same landlord said the unit “is still avaible” (Note: the business of Japan I heard from my Dad, who heard from his younger BIL-my mom’s baby brother)

White women with children are less likely to have insane “penalities” by Children’s Aid put on them which they can’t fulfil. (Some insane penalties is “watch your children more” but a black woman working 2 PT jobs can’t do that now can they? Which means the increase risk of their children being taken away).

Nor would a white woman’s child been “taken away for neglecting to feed their children” despite there’s only being two food stapes in the house. (has happened to Cabbrriean-sp? households, not to mention the 60s’ scoop where the CAS workers only knew the Euro style of raising kids: ie fridge).

I think I remember reading in my research last summer that a school took away a kid’s lunch of Roti because “it wasn’t healthy enough” or something.

Other common stereotypes for blacks are:
Uncle Tom/Sambo one
Lazy **

and for men if they’re tall that’s means there’s an increase risk of them being stereotype.

for women: “its angry and aggressive” like some people claim that the new Canadian Green Party leader Paul (can’t remember her first name- who is not only black and a woman but she also is Jewish)…

The mammy

Aunt Jermiah

Sapphire (loud and aggresive tight-also seem to wear the pants in the relatiosnhip

Jezebelle (tempress)

welfare Queens

Before the delayed 2020 Olympics in Tokyo there was some kind of big flap about how Black Women swimmers wanted to use a different kind (and newer) of swim cap because the regular swim cap didn’t fit all of their curly (thick?) hair in it and IOC (?) denied the request because the newer ones “didn’t fit with the Natural form of the head” like the old ones did.

Some books I suggested people read:
Biased book someone suggested last year on NAR

Black Like Me*

for Canadians they should read “Policing Black Lives” and also Desmond Cole’s new book “Skin we’re in”. I don’t know if I should check out the book (once I can remember the title- of it- of the black woman who was the federal MP for my area but quit because she got tired of being treated like “a 2nd class citizen”. As have a couple of First Persons women.

*there’s going to be a lot of N word in the Black like Me story. But I do remember the author doing the experiment-was taken back to Place A from Place B and the author was with two other people-I can’t remember the conversation.

But I think Person 2 was asking Person 1 about elections happening in their part of the country and the Person 1 told a story about how a Black man came to vote, and the poll volunteer gave the Black man a newspaper in CHINESE and the poll worker asked if he could read it and the Black man said “yes” and the poll volunteer asked what it said and the Black man said “it means this Black man isn’t voting today”.

And that was just one of the crazy ways American South whites prevented blacks from voting in the day (along with the jellybean count,etc).

I’m going to post two of my SimLit chapters in here later and I want to see what people say about the two chapters-I’m off to swim and make supper.

I agree with all except about white people going in to stores and won’t be followed etc. If I go into ANY upscale store think Ulta Sephora, Macy’s, Dillards whatever, I get followed constantly. I was in an upscale liquor store in a very expensive Casino and they follwed me, why? because I have tattoos. Sometimes I’ll play the pretty woman card (great movie watch it if you haven’t seen it and you’ll get what I mean) and end up dropping big money and watch them grovel and other times I will get loud and tell them that just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean I’m going to steal from you. It’s 2021 and it’s hard pressed to not come across someone who doesn’t have tattoos this day and age (where I live) and none of my tattoos are trashy or offensive. They are all expertly done and placed and colorful. But I digress, you are correct in the rest and now I want to read the book :wink:


You left out DWB - Driving While Black. Black men being stopped by the police for being in an expensive car and/or driving in an expensive, upscale neighborhood. Then there is the subset - DWBWWW -Driving While Black With White Wife. . .

As I recall from that story, OP gave 2 different possible triggers for the Customer’s prejudiced reaction — race, and being working class — based on the dynamics of the neighbourhood and prior observations, but didn’t weigh in particularly with any opinion on which one in particular (or even both) had set the Customer off this time.

Title Guy, on the other hand, wrote a joke that incorporated both triggers, but people apparently overlooked that the first word of a title featuring a Construction Worker was “Constructing”, and pounced on the fact that it included the word “Racist”

Probably the colour of the “guy behind her”. I have to admit there’s is about a 1% chance that “Karen” customer could have accused a white guy who was behind her of "stealing her wallet. But it’s 99% more likely due to sterotypes-that at the best it was the skin colour of the guy and not the fact he was working class. Due to the sterotypes I mentioned above.

Well you’re followed because you have tattoos and for some reason tattoos like BIPOC’s skin colour=criminals in employees’ or managers’ minds. But with the exception of tattoos most white people aren’t followed around in stores because we are “viewed as criminals”

PS: which book do you want to read since I listed like 5 books?

Anyway I meant to post a couple of SimLit chapters from my 4th attempted of the Swanson Legacy

What do people think of my hinting at the racism or spelling out the racism out in the following chapters:

first one: ignore the first 13 pictures and focus on the 14-18th pictures:

I had problems on another site with this chapter (I was trying to combine some stereotypes of BIPOC with some bad sterotypes of another Ethnic group (Jewish) and when I asked for some ways to combine them people thought “I was throwing stuff around”. So in the end I ended up trying to make it on my own

2nd to last SimLit (well not the actually last two chpaters)-but for the first chapter part look for “at school…” paragraph and read what the chemistry teacher says to diary-writer. Then underneath a “being stalked in stores” thing. And underneath that back to the chemstry teacher- note some of you guys might recognize the 2nd comment by the chemistry teacher from some of the site’s stories. Plus two more being followed around in stores incidents

last chapter (mostly sexism, but racism but not aganist a BIPOC person)

I remember reading several different stories over the past decade about racism.

The first story I recall reading in an article from the liberal Toronto Star about was about two high school boys who had a fight at school. The two boys were different colours- the one boy was white and the other boy was black and the article was very clear in the fact that the white boy started the fight.

But after both boys were suspended- guess who everyone (police officers to the white boy’s mom) was blaming? if you guessed the black boy that’s correct! 500 points there!

the 2nd story I remember reading about happened only 3-4 years ago- That the lawyer for the Regis Korchinski-Paquet was a law student at the time. I guess in Toronto-that as part of law school you have to do a ride-along. Now the lawyer did volunteer work at the time with “at-risk” youth and has been stopped by police. Note: he has no convictions.

Anyway-the law student did his duty and require about taking a ride-along with the police. But the police denied him because of “his work with at risk-yotuh”. But yet there was several white classmates who had convictions of some kind- and they’re all allowed to go on ride-alongs.

The third story-the Toronto star wrote about it less then three weeks after the above story. In part of Ontario, a BIPOC man was going to sue the city’s police for not keeping with the deal he made with them. In the story that the BIPOC man got tired of dealing with the bulls**t with the police (harassing him when dealing with tires) which was litereally his job) and making up where he came from (I think he was born in Canada-but I can’t remeber-but the police wrote one time he was from Jamaica). So the police and this guy made a deal.

But not less then 24 hours later-he and his younger brother are trying to get into their apartment building and the cops roll up and start harrasing them (I think the implication was that the cops didn’t think the man and his brother lived there despite having keys to the building)

  • Dafonte Miller case
    In Dec of 2016 Danfonte miller and some other friends were walking around on the street which happened to lead to the house of the parents of off-duty cop Michael Therrauilt and his civillian brother (both of whom were in the garage at the time).

Both at the time talked to the Danfonte and his friends. But after they (Danfonte and friends) left-the Therrauilt brothers raced after them (the BIPOC group) but the only one they “got” was Danfonte. And they beat him so badly with a pipe that Danfonte had to have an eye removed. After they’re arrested (the Therrauilt brothers)-they claimed that 1)that Danfonte was the one who had the “pipe in his pants” and 2)they only "followed him because of money stolen from their dad’s truck and 3)that Michael did claim several times that he identify himself as a cop-but information shows otherwise. And apperently the senior Therrauilt (Who at the time was a working cop at the SIU-he’s retired now so now he can’t be charged) harassed police in the region’s area about what happened. And he made sure to “cover up” the incident. So the SIU didn’t found out about it till Mill’s lawyer informed SIU in April 2017.

The latest incident I remember is reading in last year’s paper is that two black women got good well-paying jobs working for company behind Go Transit systems. But after the police report came back both women were shown the door so to speak. They believe it was because of their connections with “criminal” relatives that they hadn’t spoken to in years. I think in one or both cases it was their brother if it wasn’t another male family member.

I mean this isn’t the first time a Black woman lost their job due to supposed “criminal connections” to someone. A Black woman who worked for Pearson Airport also lost their job because “they didn’t have security” clearance and couldn’t get it due to her “crimminal brothers”

*According to Desmond Cole’s book that from what he discovered about the 2016 case is that the so called “robbery” of the senior Therrauilt’s truck happened at least an hour before the brothers even talked to the BIPOC group.

**Apparently even though the Star is liberal it also did a bit of racism of its own when Desmond Cole worked for it. After doing some kind of advocating during the weekend-the boss of the time brought Cole in and showed him some kind of sheet which showed he (couldn’t do X, Y and Z=sorry can’t remember what it actually said) on company time. And he never seen “this sheet before”. This is the same boss who also complained about him “doing too much about carding” and yet in his time at the Star he only covered carding once. ironically when the author of I think “Policing Black Lives” (could have ben someone else) pointed out to the Star that the Star was showing racism-because when she’s had been working with the Star she was able to advocate on the weekends and stuff for the poor white people. (or something

“You’re the REAL racist!” is a very common distraction tactic racists use. They do it to anyone who points out racism, objects to racism, or speculates that a problem may be related to racism. Ignore them and move on.

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Fwiw in Japan there is discrimination in renting and other parts of life against foreigners, including white people. But within the group of discriminated people, white people are at the top, as in other groups of people definitely have it worse.

When applying for housing I got to hear that conversation, or one side of it via my realtor on the phone anyway. It goes: “Yeah I have a prospective renter here… Yes they’re foreign… But they speak Japanese and they’re American… oh, ok, thanks anyway.”

So discrimination definitely happens, but it is worse towards black people and other Asians like Chinese, Koreans, Indians, etc. White Westerners are right to complain about discrimination but also we are very fragile from never experiencing racial discrimination or tension before. Debito Arudo (white former US citizen who is (in)famous for speaking about racism in Japan) is not experiencing the same things at the same level as Naomi Osaka (black Japanese tennis player who has been treated terribly by the media).


the “very fragile” comment of yours about white people. Is what I’m sometimes try to point out to others who claim white people do experience racism. But not to the point BIPOC people do.

Yeah the fragility tends to make people shut down when you bring up any racial tension or even the possibility that they could be racist.

For that reason, it might not be a good idea to attack the issue head on with “ok what you said could be racist and here is why.” It just makes people defensive and then you get them accusing you of racism because you brought up race.

I think if you can do some research about how to “call in” people and work around that fragility, you’ll get into less arguments about it online, or they’ll be more effective. It’s also important to remember that we are talking to strangers online, stripped of context, and this is the least likely way to get shameless racists to change their minds; people are more likely to listen to those they know and respect. So it’s good to recalibrate our expectations for talking about these things online, how emotionally invested we get, what outcomes are reasonable to expect.

With respect, that kind of thing really only serves to dismiss the experiences of white people that do experience racism. It might not be as common, but it does happen.

Discrimination as a whole needs to stop. We’re all human, and it’s time that everyone started getting along.


which is my point. But whenever I bring up the fact racism could be a factor in story people say I’m the one who is racist. or I’m “crying wolf”. when i’m not

can you link the story in question? I tried looking back a couple of days but wasn’t sure whifh you meant

there’s a couple but the only one which I can name off hand is the “Christmas karama” one. there’s other but I can’t remember them at the moment.

The only one by that name I can find is from 2016 and I’m not sure I’d count that one as racism. It seems more like classism to me.

This is the one I found: Christmas Karma

I’m not sure a white person looking homeless would be accused of “not being able to afford” it or "going to steal it for c** " but just the fact the employee followed him around is more then enough to covince me that it’s probably racism.

I mean there’s so many stories and so many comments it could take me years to find the other stories…but someone else in the last month or so commented on a story and asked if someone could have been POC. I can’t remember a thing about the story though!-

Unfortunately, it really does happen. The OP is dressing extremely casual in a wealthy part of town, at an expensive shop. They probably look extremely tired after a long day of work. Which leads to classist reactions from the staff.

This is unfortunately far too common, and does happen to white people.


I still don’ think a white person no matter how they’re dressed expensive shop or not would be followed around (or being accused of 'not being able to afford it") nor would they have the cops called on them… unlike a BIPOC.

it’s 99% likely in that Christmas karma story it’s was due to racism vs. only 1% or less it’s classism

Are you just venting your frustration or do you want tips on communicating more effectively?


just the former