Homemade Logic Puzzles!

@Sillsallad suggested I share some logic puzzles I wrote with everyone, so I’m going to post some here, as soon as I figure out the best way to do it.

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Here’s my favorite one! I Provided the Cluedo/Clue board for reference. If anyone wants to, you can dm me whodunnit and I’ll tell you if you are right

Oh No! Mr.Boddy has been found murdered in his luxurious mansion. Can you determine the murderer from the following clues and the picture of the house? Note: Secret Passages are in opposite corners and the murderer is the one in the room where the murder took place

1.No two suspects were in the same room
2.Empty rooms are not adjacent
3.No two people of opposite genders were in rooms connected by a secret passage.
4.Mrs. White was in a room adjacent to the room where the murder occurred
5.Prof. Plum and Miss Scarlet were in adjacent rooms
6.Mrs. Peacock was either in the conservatory (and then Mr. Green was in the dining room) or in the Kitchen (and then Mr. Green was in the hall)
7.Col Mustard was playing billiards at the time of the murder
8.The ballroom was empty.


That was tough! Thanks for sharing; i look forward to the next one :grinning:


Thanks for doing it! I’ll try to put out another one tomorrow (if I post all of them now then I’ll run out very quickly)


Took me some time, and a completely wrong turn, but I think I figured it out.


Thanks for posting!
Will try my luck tomorrow:)


I think I got it :slight_smile:


Okay, things got a little crazy the last day or so. This one is a little longer/more complicated, so just a warning.

The Andrews, Bradfords, Carltons, and Davidsons are four families living on Maple Lane. Each family consists of a father,mother,son,and daughter. Each person in these families share their first name with another person of the opposite gender on the street. Each person also has a favorite color, which is shared with three other people on the street. Identify each family member by their name and favorite color (one is blue).

  1. No two people with the same name are in the same family, or share the same favorite color. No two people who share the same favorite color are in the same family, or the same family role (mother,son, etc.).
  2. The four families consist of the Bradfords, the family with the female Taylor, the family where the daughter’s favorite color is green, and the family with a child Morgan.
  3. The four fathers consist of Mr.Carlton (who likes purple), Elliot, Sasha’s father, and the father who likes green.
  4. The four mothers consist of Morgan’s wife, Parker’s mother, Taylor, and the mother who likes green.
  5. The four sons consist of the Andrew’s boy, Elliot’s brother, Parker, and the son who likes purple.
  6. The four daughters consist of Alex,Jordan’s daughter,the Davidson girl, and the daughter who likes red.
  7. The two Jordans are each related to the two Parkers. The two Pat’s often compare stories of raising their Alexs.
  8. Elliot Bradford’s mom and Sasha’s dad have the same name.
  9. Alex and Jordan like to play together after school.

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