Holy Design, Batman!

I work in a small office as a design engineer. For the past couple of weeks I have been designing a machine for a customer, and I have finally reached the stage where I start putting in all the fixing screws, nuts, dowel pins and so on. Dowel pins are used to make sure items that require precise location are positioned correctly and don’t move when you tighten the bolts. To make inventory simpler, I try to limit the different sizes to a small a number as possible.

I had just finished placing the last dowel of this size, and looked at the assembly list, to see how many dowels I’d just placed.

Me (to no one in particular, but loud enough for the others to hear) “Wow! I’ve just placed 66 dowels in this tool!”
Co-worker 1 looked over at my screen: “That’s a lot of holes in there, Stephen. How many have you got?”
Me: “A lot”
CW1: “That’s going to cosy a fortune to make”
Me: “Well, they’re all needed”
CW1: “Where I used to work, we used to charge customers £2.50 a hole, for centre drilling, drilling and reaming”
Me: “Was that price retail or hole sale?”

At which point everyone in the office groaned, apart from CW1, who just chose to ignore it.

This did trigger off a long game of pun tennis, but you’ll probably find it rather boring


Pun tennis isn’t boring, but making all those holes will be

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:wink: good spot on the pun!

Actually, the real reason I didn’t write out the entire account was because I couldn’t remember them all, and you’d end up with a series of disjointed one-liners. But here’s a few that I can remember:

“Oh come on, what else were you expecting from me? You know the drill!”

“You’re pinning your hopes on these dowels working”

“Where do you get all these jokes from?”
“I have a big book of jokes, practically a bible. The section on this subject is very Holy”
“That really wasn’t very good”
“Yeah… it was rather boring”

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