Holiday treat recipes

Since the holiday season is upon us why not share our favorite recipes? Share a recipe you use either as a gift or for dessert and what holiday you make it for.

I’m going to start us off with homemade truffles. These are so EASY and they make great gifts. I make them for Christmas gifts and for a cookie plate. But the great thing is they can be made and used/eaten anytime because the ingredients are easy to find, well in the United States and possibly Canada too.

Here’s the link to the recipe. Now I will say I’ve made them with peanut butter Oreos, mint, and the ones with the chocolate cream along with the regular Oreos and they all taste wonderful. I just suggest if you do that that you mark the truffles with different colored jimmies or decorations in case you have someone with peanut allergies.


That does look yummie!

I’ve linked this one before, but it is one I like to pull out for winter holidays. You don’t have to use raspberry jam for the filling. I use either a cinnamon sugar mix or strawberry jam depending on what I feel like. It looks like it takes a lot more work than it actually does.


This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. My husband wanted raisin pie. No problem, right? I checked two grocery stores, both sell a wide variety of pies—but not raisin—and a wide variety of pie fillings—but not raisin!

So I made one from scratch. We’ll see how it turned out tomorrow.

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Linked this one before, and it’s my favorite cookie ever - the gingerbread spices and butterscotch is a perfect balance, and still retains a good bite (not too crisp not too chewy) for what managed to survive the first few days and of course the right consistency for shapes and decorating

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