Hocus Pocus 2 discussion - spoilers allowed don't open if you don't want to know. Lol

Ok as it says in the title spoilers are allowed here. So talk about your favorite scenes here.

Ok so I just finished this and absolutely loved it. Almost loved it more than the first. Love Mary wearing the Roombas on her feet to fly. I also loved how we have a whole new witch to add to Salem and their backstory. How about everyone else?

The Alexa bit was hilarious, as was the general misinterpretation of things at the festival like apple bobbing being mistaken for actually drowning men or Winnifred’s advice on giving someone a poison apple.

A Rev. Trask who pissed off a witch and with descendants played by the same actor. Seems familiar…

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Out of curiosity, did it follow the book at all? Including the main character being a lesbian?

That was my biggest fear about the movie… There was already a sequel in book form, and the main character, Poppy (Max and Allison’s daughter), was established as being attracted to other girls and having a relationship with one of the other main characters.

Is that downplayed and/or eliminated in the movie? Or is the movie now designated as the official sequel, and a completely different story?

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Different story. I thought they were going to bring back Max and Alison too. But totally different. There are drag queens dressed as the Sanderson sisters. But other than a reference or two to the first one it’s nothing like the book.

I was afraid of that, but thank you for answering. :heart:

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You’re welcome. The movie is good regardless.

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