Historical events which happened today

Today is my b-day so I’m going to list two Important World events which happened today.

In 1789 the Tennis Court Oath happened. Basically the start of French Revolution (and No, the Les Miserables isn’t the French Revolution but the June Rebellion in the 1830s)

in early morning of June 20th, 1837, the 18 year old Queen Victoria was woken up to be told her Uncle William (William IV) had died. Which meant she was the Queen of England. Her first thing she did was move out of her overbearing’s mother bedroom and into her own bedroom.


Happy birthday :tada:

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Happy Birthday!

If you’re interested in reading about the French Revolution, the comedian Mark Steel wrote an excellent book (which also happens to be very funny) Vive La Revolution.

I think the book is still available on Amazon.

The book was, in turn, a massive expansion of his radio series The Mark Steel Revolution. This 30 minute episode (along with loads of others he has made) is available for free on his website:



I have two history teachers for parents. i should say World History teachers for parents. So I can just ask my Dad and his inner record historical player can start/s

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Trust me on this though, Mark Steel is extremely funny, and his programmes are well worth listening to.

Besides, as they are both historians, I’m sure they will appreciate you checking other sources :wink:

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Happy Birthday. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another birthday today is Josephine Johnson’s, Pulitzer Prize-winning author (Jordanstown , Wildwood ).

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