Help us decide: NAR or NAW?

The content team is in a bit of a conundrum. (Kif, search them for paper, and bring me a rock!) Obviously, there’s a customer being a jerk here, but the driver’s behavior isn’t exactly innocent, either. What do y’all think? Is this a Right or Working tale? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

I have shattered my talus bone (ankle bone) in an accident. I board a bus to come home from the main hospital in the city center after a checkup; with my entire leg in a plaster cast, I am unable to drive. I am sat on the front row of seats, which are technically reserved for the disabled, elderly, and pregnant.

There is a sign on the windows next to that row of seats.

Sign: “These seats are reserved for the elderly, disabled, and pregnant persons.”

I think the ordering of the term “elderly, disabled, and pregnant” might be important, as they would give the impression that priority should be given to the elderly over the disabled.

A few stops after I have boarded, an old woman with a number of large bags full of shopping boards. She makes her way over to the seat where I am sat on the front row and stands there looking at me.

Passenger: “You. Move.”

Me: “I beg your pardon?”

Passenger: “That’s my seat. Move. Those seats are for old people.”

Me: “And disabled.”

I gesture to my leg in plaster.

Passenger: “MOVE!”

The bus driver was peering over to see what the commotion was but said nothing. Not wanting to cause a scene, I dragged myself out of the seat and moved back to the next vacant seat, about two rows further back, and since it was in the middle of the bus row, it was a pain to get into with my leg in plaster. The woman, in the meantime, dumped her shopping bags onto the seat I had just vacated and stood over it like a mother hen.

A bit later when the woman moved to the front of the bus, the driver brought the bus to a very rough lurching stop, almost sending the woman smack into the front window — yet when it was my turn to disembark, the bus glided to a very gentle stop and even lowered itself level with the footpath.

I guess that was the bus driver’s way of making his own thoughts on the matter known.

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I feel it’s more NaR – as far as I can see, the bus driver’s only actual fault was not speaking up against the seat robber.
Yes, it’s a bit of a jerk move to cause such a lurch for the whole bus (it could have caused difficulties for innocent passengers as well) but technically, the lurch could have been caused by uneven road, so everyone is advised to be prepared for such…

Also because, from OP’s point of view, jerk passenger was the only one at fault, OP seems to be OK with Driver’s way of handling this.


That, and correlation is not causation; just because the bus happened to jerk to a stop doesn’t mean it was deliberate on the driver’s part, especially if it happened to be on a downhill slope or something. And the poster might be forgetting or overlooking how jerky other stops on the route were.



Tbh, I can imagine the bus driver having situations like this several times a day, at some point you can’t be bothered speaking up and you’ll let people talk for themselves. Especially if someone gets up and finds another seat and the issue seems to be resolved.


NAR, definitely. And if I may suggest a title?

Don’t stand for her behaviour


@The_Red_Pen So nice to see that your team is happy


STEPHENNNNNN. You are killing me.

But for real, thanks for the smile. :slight_smile:


I agree, NAR. But I reserve the right * pushes glasses up on nose * to complain in the comments that the driver should have said something!