Help the editors figure out what to make of this... interesting tale

Hey, folks! We’ve got a bit of a head-scratcher here. We’re wondering what y’all think of this story. Who do you think the a**hole is here? The author? The rubbernecking guy? The girl in the sundress?

Also, do you think this story is too lewd for the main site? Let us know what you think!

Fair warning, this story is a tad adult in nature and may not be suitable for all audiences.

The Most Interesting Shopping Trip Ever

I tend to frequent the local grocery store by myself; it’s like pulling teeth to get my wife or kids to accompany me. I tend to get ridiculed by the family for not always getting things they like, and yet they can’t be bothered to join me at the grocery store. Thankfully, they aren’t with me this day as I venture through.

The trip looks to be normal like any other day. It is late spring, and folks are wearing all sorts of different outfits now that the spring weather in Minnesota is finally in full swing. It’s only about sixty degrees outside (about sixteen Celsius), but that’s more than warm enough for most folks to be in T-shirts and shorts and even women in sundresses with some kind of heels to accompany the outfit.

As I round the corner from the deli and start to make my way into the dairy section, I notice a young lady. She looks to be in her early twenties and she’s pretty short, maybe five feet tall. She’s very petite and very pretty and she’s wearing a very short sundress and a matching sunhat. When I say “short”, I mean that it makes a tennis skirt look long; the skirt comes down just far enough to hide her underwear. She’s carrying a basket in one arm and appears to have a list she’s going off of in her other hand.

I grab a few things I need off of the shelf and place them in my cart. As I look up and start to walk forward, I see that the young lady has moved a bit farther down the aisle, and she’s now reaching up as high as she can for something on the top shelf. As she does so, she catches the attention of most of the men around and even turns the heads of some women. As she stretches up, her dress lifts and reveals that she isn’t wearing any underwear below her very short skirt. (That’s just a guess on my part because I only have a side view of her; she could very well be wearing something skimpy.)

I kind of do a double-take, surprised by getting an eyeful of a naked female butt. I just shake my head and go back to my list.

I grab another item and start pushing my cart again. I look forward and see that the young lady has moved and she’s again reaching for the highest item on the shelf. She’s now directly in front of me, only about ten feet away, and I can clearly see that she has no underwear; I can see everything.

She’s clearly doing this on purpose to see what kind of reactions she can get from people. It has me thinking that she might be trying to elicit some kind of “unwanted” interaction to start something and have it filmed to share on some social media site; people do all sorts of stupid stuff for attention these days.

I’m kind of embarrassed for her and don’t think it’s suitable for anyone to be flashing their private parts, especially in a grocery store where kids are present.

The young lady gets the item she is after, puts it in her basket, and slowly makes her away around the corner and out of my view. I finish finding items I need in the dairy section and continue on.

I move through a couple more aisles, and I haven’t seen the young lady again. I’m looking over my list and realize my wife wrote something at the end of my list for the dairy aisle. I hate when she writes things on my list; she puts them out of order of the store layout. Now I have to go back to the dairy aisle and waste my time.

I come around the corner at the start of the dairy section and, to my surprise, the young lady is toward the end of the aisle, again. What I need is about halfway down the aisle and the young lady is doing what she was doing before, standing there and looking at her list like she’s intently shopping for her items. She slowly reaches up over her head, stands on her tiptoes, and exposes her naked backside to everyone around her.

I get the item I need, put it in my cart, and continue on down the aisle. The young lady is back to standing there, looking over her list, and staring at the items in front of her. I walk past her and go to turn around the corner. This is when I see a guy who looks to be in his late forties or early fifties. He’s doing exactly what the young lady wants; giving her attention.

As I turn the corner and see the guy leering — rubbernecking, in fact, as he’s trying to discreetly check out the young lady without anyone else noticing — the guy checks around the corner in the other direction, into the frozen section, really quickly. He’s checking to see where his wife is. (I assume it’s his wife; they were talking and putting items in the same cart together when I first saw them.) Then, he creepily comes back to peer around the corner at the young lady.

I glance back over my shoulder and see the young lady doing her thing again. The guy that’s trying to discreetly go out of his way to get an eyeful of her nakedness is clearly staring way too hard at her.

I see that his wife has stopped, turned around, and is heading back in his direction. She’s holding a couple of frozen items in her hands and she clearly wants to place them in the cart that he has with him.

I loudly clear my throat by the guy, trying to get his attention and kind of give him a heads-up that his wife is coming back in his direction, but he’s staring so hard that he doesn’t even hear me as I’m passing him. I tried to give the guy a chance; now I’m just going to be a jerk.

I decide to use my outside voice!

Me: “Hey, man! How’s the view? You get a good look at her a**?”

He snaps out of his hardcore stare at the young lady and just kind of starts stammering as his face turns beet red.

Man: “I, uh… uh… wh… uh…”

The man’s wife rounded the corner after I passed, and she looked pissed. I could hear the man stammering and trying to explain himself to his wife as I continued to walk away. I don’t think he got one actual word formed by the time I was out of earshot.

I never did see the young, underwearless women again for the remainder of my shopping experience that day. I’m not sure if she was actually shopping, looking for unhealthy attention or trying to get something for a social media posting. I will say that she at least made the normal, humdrum trip to the grocery store memorable.

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The woman out there flashing people is the most out of line. The other guy shouldn’t be staring, but she’s putting on a performance and if she didn’t want people staring she wouldn’t be doing that. The author is fine until he “uses his outside voice.” There’s no reason for him to do that except to be a jerk. Before that, he was just trying to ignore the situation and go about his day. The woman is still the villain, for lack of a better term.

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Honestly, while I don’t get into the fake or not fake discussions on the main site, I would say this seems pretty fake/porny to me. There’s a lot of focus on the woman exposing herself. Supposedly, there are a lot of witnesses, but nobody reports it? And then the OP loudly calls out a guy who’s staring, but there’s no mention of the woman’s reaction to what he says? Given how much attention he’s paying to her beforehand, that seems weird. To me, it sounds like a voyeuristic story with added defense of the woman in question so that the OP doesn’t seem like as much of a creep.

Otherwise, I would say this is a good candidate for the new ESH tag.


Yeah, fake also seems like a good call. But if it is real, I don’t really think the other guy staring is unreasonable. That’s why I would hesitate to use an ESH tag.


It feels rather skeevy and weird overall, I’m not sure it should be published at all. I didn’t make it all the way through the story because it felt too weird and adult, though I know I personally tend to skip through most sexual things.
But just…something about the narrator and the situation just makes it feel super off.
Whether or not it was genuine, I think the OP would catch a ton of flack in the comments just for the first half of their narration, and it’d quickly set the comment section ablaze.

But yeah, I’d say probably don’t post this.
It doesn’t really fit the vibe of the site, the narrator has some weird comments and descriptions that would cause a flame war in the comments, and it’s weirdly adult for no reason…


I would say it’s unreasonable for the guy to stare. If we take the story as valid, OP has reason to think that the woman is doing it deliberately, so consent on her part (not anyone else’s) would be implied. (Though on the safe side, it’s still better not to look; it could truly be accidental) The rubbernecker probably does not have that context. As far as he knows, he’s staring at a woman without her consent. Without knowing that she consents, staring at her would not be reasonable.


It kinda reminds me of those submissions where OP was a bystander to sexual assault. Can’t remember if any of them got out of unfiltered, but they were really uncomfortable. This feels like a slightly toned down version of those.


She’s out there doing a whole routine, it wouldn’t take much observation to catch onto it. And a short loose dress with no underwear is not a mistake most women I know would make, they tend to be aware of the physics of dresses. I’m willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt on this that he is pretty sure the woman is putting on a show.


A story like this is going to generate a lot of comments, and i don’t think i would enjoy reading them.


+1 for not publishing this; as generalarin pointed it out, it doesn’t fit the vibe of the NAx sites.

Supposedly, there are a lot of witnesses, but nobody reports it?

This. If this actually happened, it’s very clearly indecent exposure, and then this store is surprisingly tolerant towards it.
I can very well imagine some TikTokker trying to make The Next Big Video, even going for this kind of attention, but I can’t really imagine so many shoppers (and potentially an employee or two) being OK with it.


All three are bad to me. The OP is both judging the woman for her attire whilst trying to appear like the ‘good guy’, despite clearly and obviously getting detailed looks at the woman. The woman, not because I want to kink shame but because there’s a time and place for public nudity and a grocery store isn’t it. And the leering guy because objectifying women is never good.

I don’t even know what this story is. Are we supposed to congratulate the OP for his slightly smug, benevolent sexism masquerading pretending not to be objectification, or shake our heads in agreement against sex and body positivity? Or just get grossed out by the leering guy who is actually just doing what the woman wanted?

Nothing here seems good.

Honestly, I kinda feel like the real story was “woman wore a g-string under a dress, and while perving on her I saw another guy almost get caught by his partner and so I yelled out something to make sure he didn’t get caught and covered up my own perving by pretending to be on her side”. The OP comes off as trying to hard to make it sound like they’re the good guy but leaves way too many details in. If you’re embarrassed, disgusted or uninterested, you do not stare at a woman who is showing her ***, you go the other direction.


Yeah, pretty much everyone is an a**hole.

  • OP leaves waaayyy too much detail to not have been perving himself.After that, he deliberately tries to meddle in a relationship (first by trying to warn the guy, and immediately after that, outing him.
  • The lady is flashing around everyone, adults and children alike. And obviously on purpose.
  • The guy is staring way too long and intense to be comfortable.
  • The wife overreacts in my eyes. I’m a firm believer of ‘I don’t care where you get your appetite, as long as you eat at home’.

However, it’s not explained further how the wife reacts, so that actually might be overdone. And the guy has a ‘normal’ reaction to seeing something nice. So for me OP and the lady are the biggest a**holes.

And also: Agreed on the probably fake and don’t post parts.


Ya my vote is not publish. Theres just a bunch of weird details. Like yhe whole bit about not being able to get his wife and kid to the store or hating when his wife adds to the list that seem extraneous. That with the general unbelievability of the story make thjs seem like a creative writing excercise more than an actual story


Don’t publish. This will burn in the hellfires stoked by the Commentariat for the already given reasons.


As for OP providing way to much detail for someone just casually passing by (as opposed to enjoying the “show” himself), I can cut him some slack; when you see something unexpected/upsetting, you tend to be unable to look away, even if you want to.
He’s still an arse, though, for going 180 on the rubbernecking dude after he failed to notice one throat clearing. (And just because he was so shocked, it doesn’t become a story one should share on the web.)

And I still say it sounds fake and that it doesn’t fit the NAx sites.


I can understand looking once, just in shock or surprise. The point at which you’ve looked more than once (and enough to decide if it’s a g-string vs no underwear) is where you lose any attempt to say “couldn’t help it”. The woman was moving from aisle to aisle and so was the OP, and that gives the OP plenty of opportunity to not only avert a gaze but to intentionally do so because they don’t want to look. The story as written suggests that OP wasn’t getting a surprise eyeful but taking detailed eyefuls whenever they got the opportunity.

This feels either like someone trying to get away with perving, or someone who was in on the joke and pretending they’re not.

EDITED TO ADD: There’s a reason “eyes up here” is a common refrain. It’s pretty easy to actually make a point of looking at a person’s face, rather than their other attributes. You don’t have to be wearing no underwear for people to stare at body parts they shouldn’t stare at, and I think that’s my point. Once you realise you shouldn’t be looking, why are you looking at that part of a person, rather than oh… anywhere else?


Yeah, for someone ‘not looking’ at the woman he sure spent a lot of time during his shopping spree looking at her.
Honestly, the whole explanation about why he was in the same aisle as her all the time reads more like he was following her but wanted to make sure the readers wouldn’t think that.


Exactly. There’s just too many convenient excuses in the story to not find it… icky.

Just because a woman is consenting to be on show doesn’t mean it isn’t also creepy when you insist your reactions are all her fault. Men aren’t beasts, much as we’ve been told that. They have the ability to walk/look away, and acting like you can’t help bumping into someone’s *** at every turn of a place you could have walked out of screams sexist perv to me. That’s what bothers me about the story, the subtle attempt at insisting the OP is just an innocent guy going around his business. It’s really not that hard to take some responsibility in averting one’s eyes, and yet the main responsibility the OP takes on is to… warn another guy :roll_eyes:

Nah, not believable.


Thanks so much for your thoughts on this story. The more of your comments I read and the more thinking I do, the more I hope this story is fake. It will not be published to the site.

Here’s a picture of my dog, Fry, for a little brain bleach!