Help me pick the July Roundup stories!

So us editors thought we would try something a little different this month, with regards to the monthly roundup.

Some of you might have noticed that we haven’t run a July monthly roundup yet, when we normally would have done so a week or so after the month ended.

There are two reasons for this, first, we have just not had the TIME for a variety of reasons, but we also wanted to try a little experiment with our amazing forum users and see what happens.

We’d LOVE to see what stories you’d pick for the July roundup!

We plan to publish it early next week so over the weekend we’d love to know what stories you think should make the cut.

Please ensure the story was published between July 1-31, and we’ll consider it for inclusion.

Very interested to see if what you choose is similar to what us editors would have gone for!


I’ve started flicking through the stories using the tag of July 2021, and I’ve reached page 26 of 157…

I’ll carry on looking later, but here are a couple that stood out:

What would make this a lot easier is if you had a way of refining searches. Once you’ve selected a tag, perhaps check only the categories you want to look through. Here, I’d make sure only Unfiltered is unchecked.

I’ll have a look again a bit later for more.

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Things got a bit… musical in the comments of this Related story:

(Note to self… page 80)

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I just posted a suggestion in the forums about improving the main site search facility, but for some reason it has gone into moderation.

I have no idea why, but if it’s because of a naughty word created by autocorrect or something like that which means it won’t be posted, could you or one of your colleagues please copy what text you can and message it to me? I’ll then edit it and repost.

Thank you!


If you’re still looking…

(Note to self: page 118)

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