Help me pick a pattern because I am indecisive

I am crocheting a blanket for my friend. There’s 3 main color patches and I’m joining them with a 4th neutral color.
Which pattern do you like best?

  • A
  • B

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I voted B.

A looks to irregular and makes me sort of dizzy to look at


I think either would look nice! If the colors are very similar maybe A will look like an interesting blend, if they’re very different maybe B is more simple for the eye. I voted B because I had a vision of a little baby tracing each of the colors with their little finger and I think it would be easier to do that with B (so not a very substantial reason lol)


B, just for the unique pattern. I always find those more interesting when I crochet. Even thouggh entrelac (that pattern) is a pain and could come apart if you’re not careful.

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