Help, does anyone know this book?

This has been bugging me all day, and Google has been no help!

I read a book, many years go, where one of the characters befriends/is followed/helped by a milk bottle or carton, and I can’t for the life of me remember the book!!
I vaguely remember it is in the character’s backpack at one point, and possibly something about it getting all the other milk bottles to help out???

Please help!! Tell me I’m not remembering some kind of fever dream!


Oh wow, I thought this sounded insane but there are sooo many more books than I would have expected if you google “book milk bottle”

I quite fancy the title “Murdered by Milk Bottle”


I have got it!!!
Something in your post trigged my brain to remember that the carton was called Curdle, and Google tells me that the book is Un Lun Dun by China Mieville :grin:

All day I’ve been thinking Neverwhere by Niel Gaiman but knowing it wasn’t that. Now it makes kinda sense because the two books have a vaguely similar premise of an alternative London.

Thank you for your help, whatever it was!! :joy:


HAHA! I’m glad I could help :slight_smile: Sometimes information is hidden deep down in the brain archive :sweat_smile:


I can’t remember the name of the book- but the only book I remember where there’s a milk carton is involved is one where the kid finds her own face on “the milk carton in the missing kid’s spot” and I think the rest of the book is about her finding her actually family.

title: Face on the milk carton"

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I remember seeing a movie based on that book -