Heavily Editted Reddit Story

So this story from yesterday is heavily editted from the original reddit post, to the point where I can’t actually upvote anymore comments supporting OP’s actions after the comment that pointed this out. Here are the links to the NAR story and the reddit story.

The main edit I think is the following. In the NAR post it reads

I had truly had enough of her touching me, so I pulled her hand off me and started to physically retaliate.

Whereas in the reddit post it describes this physical retaliation as

here, I’ve truly had enough, pull her hand and start beating her head onto one of the shelves out of pure anger, I am autistic so you can see how much this played out

One, that is a completely disproportionate response, and two, I really dislike how OP implies they are violent because of their autism. Trying to play all that off by saying all OP did was “physically retaliate” completely changed the tone of the story.

A couple other changes I spotted:

  • NAR story describes employee uniform, Reddit story describes woman’s appearance. Neither mentions the other (unless employee uniform description is hidden in the comments of the Reddit post)

  • Reddit post mentions the judge in the court case was OP’s substitute class teacher.

So I know Reddit stories weren’t particularly liked already, but what do people think of this over-editting of them? Personally I’m not a fan.


I don’t mind some Reddit posts, but as their style is written for an entirely different audience, they don’t always carry across well. The ones where the OP doesn’t do their job and spends the entire story mocking others (Whiny Locksmith springs to mind) are ones I dislike. That and obvious fiction.

I also have no problems with a bit of editing from NAR (typos, grammar, [square bracketing], etc).

However, a Reddit story that has been edited down to remove the bits to make it more palatable to the NAR audience? PLEASE NO!!! It’s not fair on the NAR readers, and it’s not fair on the Redditor.

When I first read it, it was feeling like fiction, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Having read the original, It becomes clear.

This story should never have been considered in the first place for NAR; the fact that the editors decided to remove parts to make it so we would like it is (I believe) extremely poor judgement on NAR’s part, and completely unlike them to do so. I can only hope this was an experiment on how to try new story types for us, and they will deem it to be a failure.

The fact that some people in the comments section think that it’s the best story ever this year so far makes me think the editors might try it again. :frowning:



Would the editing team like to make a rebuttal or other comment?


Wow, thanks for pointing that out. It’s a horrible alteration and I’m not sure why they went with it. Like Stephen, I say this should not have been posted on NAR at all; it’s just not the right tone for this site.
So, I’m also curious what reasoning the editing team had…


I should point out that it was @callyn who originally commented on the NAR story with the Reddit link, so thanks to her for spotting this.

I really don’t like how dishonest this feels. NAR is supposed to be about sharing actual things that happened to people, and I know there’s nothing stopping people from making up stuff to submit (Aidios knows unfiltered is full of that*) but to take a story from somewhere else and just edit out the bits that would have people calling fake? No thanks.

  • Vaguely related, could the editor’s please stop submitting those stories from the incel who likes to graphically describe young women/girls being assaulted? I don’t think they’re appropriate even for unfiltered.

Have any of those been published on main, or are they all in unfiltered?

I’m pretty sure they’ve all been in unfiltered so far. I can think of two of them off the top of my head though I’m pretty sure there’s more, I could check later but not until this evening.

Edit: actually, remember that story where OP took a drugged woman back to her house despite her being too drugged to give her address? That has the same iffy feel as the unfiltered ones, but it’s a much much tamer story.


I remember that one. Something about that one did feel off; I’m not sure if it was because the OP didn’t take the woman to the hospital, or if it was that the OP wrote it in a way to feel like fiction. I’m not saying it didn’t happen exactly the way OP states it; it just didn’t feel quite right.

Hello, all! I’m one of the editors for NAR, and I am currently travelling and typing this up on my phone so apologies if there are any typos or grammatical errors.

Some of you have made some valid points and I would like to address them here:

  • Yes, we are always trying out new types of stories and checking for audience reactions. It’s how the site has grown and developed over the years (and we are almost 15 years old now!). Sometimes these experiments work, sometimes they don’t, and our commenters are always quick to let us know when we’ve failed!

  • Yes, we get sent a lot of stories that turn out to be fake, or overexaggerated. In the old days it was blatant copying of scenes from TV shows, these days it’s a bit more subtle, such as stealing from blogs or other subReddits. Again, our readers are usually quick to spot these and let us know, so thanks again for that! It’s great to have so many eyes on this!

  • We never embellish or add to stories, but we will sometimes make adjustments to make the story read better, or avoid distracting details. These can be minor changes, such as:

  • Changing “they moaned for half an hour” to “they moaned for a long time” or “they moaned for what felt like half an hour” - half an hour is a long time! If we left that in, no doubt someone would call it out in the comments and claim the story is fake or exaggerated.

Sometimes these changes will remove an event, or a section of the story, such as what happened in this case. The editors will judge what the message of the story is, and ensure the spirit of that message is what is carried through to the final edit. Many times, despite the good message or story, the OP cannot be saved from themselves, and these are either discarded entirely or end up on the Unfiltered feed.

Telling real genuine stories has always been the heart of the NAR experience, and we believe this curated approach is what makes us stand out from the competition. We value the power of storytelling, which is why we have editors in the first place. We’re not here just to correct typos and formatting, we’re here to ensure the storytelling is the best it can be.

The vast majority of submissions do not require any of this at all, and we’re good with just the occasional typo to correct. A tiny minority of them require a little work to fit the expectations of our NAR audience, and when we do these stories are usually very well received!

In this instance, I agree we might have removed a little too much context, and we should have reconsidered if it should be approved for publishing. Our editing team is very small (smaller than most of you realize) so some decisions will occasionally slip through the cracks. Thank you all again for your honest feedback! It really does help us improve our editorial standards, and as a result the site overall.


Thanks for the response. In this particular case, the problem is that removing/altering that particular section gave a completely different vibe to the whole story, changing OP from being a victim who acted in self-defense in a reasonable way to someone who, maybe overcome by rage, executed disproportionate retribution (and uses (allegedly) being autistic as a “get out of any trouble” card).
Also, with this being a Reddit post, it was someone of your team who decided it would be a good fit for NAR and thus contacted the author to get their permission to post it here, no? Did the author reach out to you to share their story here as well?


apparently there’s a “part 2” to this story. But with the Karent’s husband according to the Reddit post.

I think changing the story to make it fit the vibe of NAR better is fine, but that in this case it completely changed the tone of the story past that point.


Honestly, thinking about it, he probably got the address from her driver’s license.

But what really bugs me and rubs me the wrong way was that there was no dialogue from her. It… implies problematic things.

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More confusing than getting the address is who let them in? The story implies Woman was living on her own. Did OP rifle through her purse until he found her keys and let himself and the unconscious woman in?


That’s what i’m assuming happened yes.

Basically, OP of the drugging story is just as guilty of treating the woman as an object as the guy who drugged her. Like, OP was a better brand of sociopath than the scumbag, but… definitely still a sociopath.

The reason the scumbag thought OP was OK with it, and was trying to steal his girl later, was OP gives off those vibes. It felt like watching a ‘properly socialized’ sociopath and an ‘improperly socialized’ one interacting.

And, like, OP deserves recognition for being a better brand of sociopath. But also… uh… that behavior should not be encouraged in general.


Due to all the discrepancies/mysteries, I remain unconvinced this actually happened. What I think happened is OP maybe was witness to a drugged woman being taken away, realized too late what happened, then wrote some fan fic about what he should have done (according to his beliefs, anyway).
Note also the very apologetic tone throughout – this also tells me someone with pent-up guilt about not having done anything to stop what was happening wrote a fictionalized account of the events.


I tracked down part 2 of this reddit post (which part 1 mentions):


So I was just looking through unfiltered to find the one from the other day, only I couldn’t find it. Used disqus to try and track it that way (since I remembered I’d left a comment), and it seems the story was removed. Which is a good thing, I guess. No clue if the other upsetting unfiltered stories are still there since I don’t have a specific timeframe to search for them in.

Removing problematic stories is great and all, I just think maybe some of them are better off not published in the first place.

But, back to yesterday’s story, I’m don’t think that one will get removed. Most of the comments on it are super positive, but it’s all based on lies and that really makes me uneasy.


Are you describing the story or the Prime Minister?

The story I started this topic about. Not sure what the PM has to do with any of this. (If it’s a joke, I’m sorry but it’s gone flying over my head.)

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