Have you seen Pattycakes productions Villains lair?

For 3 years now Pattycake productions has a series called Villians Liar (some are musical episodes and some aren’t actually in my SimLit songs picture-one song used in it was from Season 1 song-Tough Love)). It’s basically the villians of animated Disney movies.

We only on Episode 3 of Villians Lair Season 2. And I never thought of Gaston and Prince Hans getting along together talking about girls whom dumped them for other people (ie: Belle and Anna). But that’s basically what happens in the episode which aired today on their channel. With Cinderella’s step-sisters can’t decide which one ( Prince Hans or Gaston) had it worst with “being dumped”

Note: with Jafar and Judge Claude Frollo joining in with their experiences with women (I’m guessing talking about Jasmine and Esmerlda)

First Season videos:

Final Season 1 eposide

And the first two eposide of Season 2:

PS if anyone wants me to link to the two Princess Academy episodes and the holiday episode just ask!

I’m just a bit confused because of stuff the creators said in the first season and yet they seem to be going back on what they said because of something or I should say someone in the first video (S2E3) I posted

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