Have two stories to write about my church janitor and Bible Camp

I have two stories I want to write about which are sort of centred around the church janitor and church Bible Camp. But I need to know two things:

  1. Could I consider the janitor to be a co-worker for me in these stories?
    2.Should they be two posts since one is about my one morning duty at Bible Camp but the other one is after the final day of Bible camp and after the kids have left?

1 is it relevant that they are or aren’t? By that I mean, does it matter?

2 I’d suggest writing the second one as a stand alone tale, and make that the first of the two you write. Make no references at all to the first story, not even in passing. If you find it is impossible to do, because omitting any details of the first story makes the second one incomprehensible, then they need to be put in the same post.

it’s only is one janitor. It just since in a way it’s a worker story.

It just the 2nd story takes place after the Bible Camp is over for the year while the first story takes place in the morning before 9am when Bible Camp starts. (Except for this year and last year both stories been the same ongoing problems since whenever the guy was hired).

My suggestions still stand. It’s up to you if you want to call him a coworker, and only you will be able to determine if the stories are intertwined to the point the stories have to be written together

I wrote the two posts already (separate threads) but I think the background’s too much