Have to share this Reddit post I read today

It’s since been taken down. But holy cow if it’s real this woman is a real piece of work. Here it is. It was on AITA:

My (35F) husband of 9 years just passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Besides me, he leaves behind our 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter.

My late husband was a doctor who had a very popular practice in our town. We live in a small town in the Great Plains area, notorious for having few options for good quality healthcare because of a provider shortage. After his death we received an outpouring of condolences from the community. I was receiving dozens upon dozens of messages from people who wanted to talk about the time he treated them or a family member and ended up releasing them from their payment plans when they encountered financial hardship. There were also letters thanking me and my husband for those times we postponed our vacations so he could rush to a patient’s side and be there for them.

His funeral was today and I was home inviting his patients and friends, asking them if they wanted to speak, and preparing my own eulogy. When my husband died, my 13 year old stepdaughter was with us but right afterwards she went to her mother’s (53F) house.

My son and daughter obviously still live with me and because we are under the same roof, I was able to incorporate them into my speech where they’d stand with me and at the end they could both say how much their dad meant to them, what they loved to do with him, their fondest memories, how they’d miss him. My stepdaughter wasn’t in the house when any of this was going on; however after her mom called me I told them the date and time of the funeral, and invited BOTH of them.

Her mom called me yesterday morning to tell me my SD had a 2 minute speech prepared for her dad and emailed me the entire speech. I was very shocked because it seemed my SD just expected to be able to speak at the funeral and not tell me this during the 7 plus days prior. Second, her speech was rather long and had a lot of the things that my kids were going to be saying. When her mom suggested that she just stand with her half siblings and add in the parts that would not be a repeat, I refused because my son is new to speeches and changing things up was probably going to confuse him.

I told my SD’s mom that she could be there to grieve her dad but that she could not speak. She got mad and said I was hard to reach and that nothing in her speech was inappropriate and that 2 minutes was not too long, even if the other speakers would be shorter. I agree that I am sure her speech would have been lovely but it was too late and I couldn’t risk this situation throwing the event off and giving my kids confusion since we rehearsed our eulogy.

So the funeral was today and my SD did not speak but even after I allowed her to be among us and receive condolences from the line of friends and family my parents are calling me an ass and my SD’s mom glared at me on the way out. AITA?

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Sounds like one of those infamous fairy tale step mothers :face_vomiting:


I told my SD’s mom that she could be there to grieve her dad but that she could not speak

I swore at that point.

I’m not convinced it was taken down, but the cumulative anger from the comment section caused the server it was stored on to spontaneously combust.


“Even after I allowed her to be among us and receive condolences”

The fact that this creature thinks that she had any say in allowing her teenage SD to receive condolences for the death of her own father… Wow, just wow.

The thing I wonder about AITA stories like this one is that the OP has clearly been told by the entire world already that AH is not a strong enough word for her but she still doesn’t believe it. If just one person out of 8 billion believes she was in the right would that be enough vindication in whatever passes for her mind?!


Wow, what a…word I shouldn’t say. Two minutes is a really short time, and she could have gone after her “real kids” :roll_eyes: so it wouldn’t confuse them.


IIRC, a lot of us in that thread concluded that this was fake, based on the OP’s post history. That’s why it was removed.


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