Hate resturants only doing drive-thrus/deliversy

I’m in a bit of a bad mood-I was planning on going to get a Blizzard today-but I discover that the local DQ is STILL only doing drive-thru/deliveries-no take outs (which for me would be the easiest when my parents aren’t around) And since I don’t have a car/can’t drive and my family dislike Deliver apps-even if we did come close to using it ONCE last month. It means I have to wait until next month and get a blizzard then with Dad’s help (and I hate having to have his help even though I can get my blizzard faster that way). I had a lunch from McDonald’s on Tuesday and on the 20th/week of I’m going to be getting lunch from Tim Hortons. Standing at the drive-thru is unsafe (among other things-even though I found some of the reasons very stupid) and since I can’t ride a bike (and even if I could-there’s no guarantee it would be allowed in the drive-thru). See this post from my blog: https://celoptra.wordpress.com/2021/05/18/attention-drive-thrus-not-allowing-disabled-people-to-order-in-them-robs-us-of-our-independence/

And it’s unsafe to go to the mall still so I can’t go to even (Mall 2) to get a blizzard. Mall 1 isn’t offering DQ at the moment (or wasn’t as of Nov 2020).

I guess another reason I want to do in-person take out is I don’t have to deal with Dad for te THIRD time forgetting my bank card doesn’t does a TAP feature and he’s the one who orignally suggested it!