Has anyone been following the Peng Shuai case?

This is the second time this year I’ve heard about the Chinese government “disappearing” a high profile celebrity. It’s honestly so disturbing to me how brazen they’re getting with it. Just terrifying.


It really is awful. I see Chris Evert and Serena have spoken out - let’s see who else does.

It reminds me of Meng Hongwei’s disappearing in September 2018.

Meng Hongwei was Interpol’s president when he vanished during a stay in China, only to be seen again at his trial for bribery around nine months later. His wife also felt threatened and seeked asylum in France.

Whether the charges were genuine or only used to frame a political opponent, the way the Chinese government acted left a bad taste in my mouth, especially since Meng Hongwei was the leader of an important international organization.

Regarding Peng Shuai and despite the photos of her shown today (the article was updated BTW), I’m afraid she’s not free of her moves. Fingers crossed but it’s really awful for a society to be controlled that much by its government.

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