Harry Potter fans gather here! II (closed) because we can't talk about HP anymore becauseof JK's biggot comments

The former thread got locked. On Facebook today there’s a topic from Muggle-net.com facebook page talking about a quote from the fourth book. Now someone I’m talking to on Facebook, is trying to claim a million different things about Hagrid’s pet dragon from Book

First the so-called fan claimed that Hagrid got a letter and then he claimed that Ron (or vice versa) got a letter from Charlie saying Norbert is a girl. Despite there’s been no evidence at all of Norbert(a) being mentioned at all after Harry and Hermione help Hagrid get rid of it with help of Charlie’s friends until Book 7 when Charlie tells Hagrid at Bill and Fleur’s wedding, that Norbert is a girl. And then the so-called fan then tries to claim that the dragon that the Trio rode out of Gringotts on is Norberta. Now the so-called fan trying to claim that the dragon Harry faced in book 4 was Norberta

I’m betting the next thing so-called fan will tell me is that Nagani is the snake that Harry talked to at the Zoo.

I blocked him

Does their error really matter?

People misremember things all the time. Fan theories are also a thing. It doesn’t mean they are any less of a fan. It is possible they were trolling, but it is equally possible they were genuinely mistaken.

Having said that, it probably is for the best that you’ve blocked them. Not because they were wrong (deliberately or accidentally), but because you have taken the decision to step away from the argument. There is enough stressful things going on in the world without artificially creating more.


you’re welcome to not read it. Do you like michael Jackson music? Isn’t he supposedly just as immoral as JK Rowling?

I’m seperating the artist from her work. Which is what some people do. And like I said, if you don’t want to read something don’t read it.

Are you being forced to read it? No? Okay go enoy the other threads then.

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Yeah like my sister’s three dogs. its causing stress with my parents.

Since Norbert(a) was Norwidgen Ridgeback, the dragon Harry faced in book 4 was a Hungrian Horntail and the dragon the Trio rode on out of Gringotts was a Urankine
IronBelly, according to more legalmite sources. Not to mention that Gringotts dragon never had any human touch until the Trio. that would be like saying Baslik (book 2) was the snake from zoo-(book 1) even though there’s a simliar myth about Nagini.

so can Michael Jackson’s estate, someone Woody a movie director Bill Cosby, and a list of other “immoral” artists. They can still profit off their work despite their immorality. How about you go somewhere else? No one is FORCING you to read this thread. You’re insiting on ruining other’s people happiness’s. So please GO AWAY… you don’t have to support her, I don’t, but I did appreciate the original message in her original work (Harry potter) even if she’s not doing what she said in them

There’s plenty of other threads to read so GO AWAY.

I had to use Harry Potter last night to explain what a Chevok’s Gun is to Dad despite Mom having explained it to him several times last night.

Since I’m talking about the BOOK and not the author’s actions. IT’s not transphobia. And if you stop harrsing me and this thread, I’m going to be REPORTING you for harrassing me

So please GO AWAY!
@KillerTomato @The_Red_Pen

Can we talk about Harry Potter here if we want too despite JK Rowling’s actions? I mean you didn’t close the previous thread until a month after the last reply and no one seem to give a d**m and that was way after JK’s anti-trans comment.

If they say they can talk about Harry Potter books then can you GO AWAY?

IN high school I was able to deal with the stressful June exams in my Gr. 10th year (Year 5 in Harry Potter) by pretending it was OWLs. But sometimes during High school, it seemed like I was a mix of the trio. People knew whom I was because of my parents (whom were teachers at the school), I had red hair, and when I wasn’t dealing with bullies I was a Hermione.

You’re going to report me for disagreeing with you?

nope you’re harassing me and this thread. And if you don’t want to see something STOP POSTING ON THE THREAD! Geeze you remind me of two nope THREE people from Sims 3 era!!

I’m “harassing you” by disagreeing with you?

here’s advice I picked up from the Sims 3 era “if you don’t like something don’t post on the thread”.

I’m liked the historical references that the author used within the book. Most of us only think of the Nazi when we think of how the Death Eaters But yet it was used long before that with African-Americans.

I send a private message and you can do the same thing to the Editors, and you can find out if the people whom want to can talk about Harry Potter or not.

PS. how come you didn’t kick up a fuss in the Thread I like you’re doing know about HER “bad” antics?

Because back then I didn’t realize that just having a thread on the subject was harmful to certain commenters. And I did bring up some of it because I thought telling people about her was important.

And why exactly are you saying “bad” like that?

What Chevok’s gun surprised you in the books? Or what did you wish could have made a second apperence? Some people wished that Charlie had shown up riding a grown Norberta.

The person having a major cow is Celoptra, but she’s hard to ignore when she started the thread. There are constructive ways to discuss how JK Rowling’s transphobia affects the work of Harry Potter, but just dismissing criticism of the work doesn’t help anything.


That poll is not going to win you any friends, @Celoptra. Just because someone disagrees with you does not automatically put them in the wrong.
It certainly doesn’t warrant you creating a poll with a leading question that is quite frankly insulting of someone’s feelings.

The people in this community are trying to help you. We know you have issues, and we want to help. When something happens, you get upset, you vent about it and the community here tries to get you to calm down.

But you need to realise that members of the community also have feelings, and their emotions need to be respected. If they disagree with you, do NOT accuse them of “having a cow” but instead try to understand why they disagree with you.

What happens next is up to you.

Do not ask me what should be done with this thread; i will not weigh in. Do not reiterate the arguments; there is no need, as we can read them above.

Instead, take a deep breath, and read, really read and try to understand the views you disagree with. It won’t be easy, but you need to try.

You also need to apologise to @KiannaMcDowell. Think of all the outbursts your family have had at you, and how you’ve ranted on here about them not apologising to you for hurting your feelings. It works both ways.


Should Kiana also respect what I might want to talk about? What if I want to talk about Harry Potter? Why should I her at all when she’s not respecting me at all? It’s a two way street. She just straight out came and say “this thread shouldn’t be here at all because it could hurt people” Not in a very nice way either. It’s why I’m asking the editors if I should close it or not or if it’s against forum rules.

I mean if we can’t talk about Harry Potter for similar reasons we might as well not talk about Michel Jackson’s music (even though he’s dead), or other work by so-called immoral artists that people loved that some people hate because of their immorality.

So do you think that the accusations against Michael Jackson affect his music work? Or what about the bed-related relations of a a movie director? Or bed-related relations of a African-American man whom was the first black person to depicated a full-fledge black family with both parents in the picture? If transphobia harms JK Rowling’s work, it also means that the other artists due to accusations against them their work is also immoral. So we shouldn’t discuss them either

and all I wanted to do was talk about Harry Potter and no one had a cow before in the other thread which wasn’t started by me. I don’t see how we can’t talk about Harry Potter I mean I’m seperating the artist from her work.

I want to talk about Harry Potter. But I’m closing this if you guys don’t want to talk about Harry Potter I wouldn’t have made a new thread if the other hadn’t been closed. But someone would probably have a cow if I had bumped that one any way.

I think you guys are hurting MY feeling for not talking about Harry Potter and siding with the other person. I don’t think I should appolgize at all she sould appolgize to me for insiting 'we don’t have a thread supporting a biggot".

I think I should leave this community if you can’t respect my feelings. I thought I liked some of you but nope, you’re siding with HER not with me.

I hope Kianna’s happy now I closed the dam thread but now I have no other place to talk about Harry potter due to HER. since I can’t talk about it on Togetherall, and I can’t disccus it on Hogwarts Online where the books/movies don’t exist except in the Real Life section,

This was one of the few places I could talk about it…and yet the author said her biggot comments over a year ago. It was old news by the other person’s thread.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

This is not your personal blog and you do not get to set the rules. People are allowed to disagree with you. Kianna just made a comment and then you got upset and threw a tantrum. If you’d ignored the comment, other people might have wanted to talk Harry Potter with you. I’m sorry that you’re upset, but you’re the one who is being unreasonable.