Halloween discussions

Obviously gotta blur some faces, but never bring a cosplayer to Halloween…

I actually did this for Halloween, but ended up getting to see Justice League for free if I dressed up and hung out at the theatre beforehand.

Salem last year. 100% worth going, just don’t go on ACTUAL Halloween, they have the same stuff running all month long.

Something haunting (our party theme was haunted house)

Swashbuckling for our work competition!

The first cosplay I ever did, Darth Sansa.


My cloak is so nice and warm. It’s also perfect for being spooky in.

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That’s something I’d probably watch with my mom, since she enjoyed the first so much. She’s been a bit under the weather since our housing voucher inspection (stress leading up to the inspection taking its toll–we passed, as always, but the aftermath is a yearly thing), and hasn’t been up to movies.

From what I hear it’s getting better reviews than the first did, but the first is rather underrated. I’ll definitely be checking it out!

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Wore my new socks for the first time today, and watched Creature From the Black Lagoon for the first time too.


These are excellently spooky!

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Whose image came first, I wonder?

I briefly lived in Aberdeen and then moved back in with my parents in Glasgow for a short-spell until I found and bought my new home. Anyway, I decided to dress as Bane for a Halloween night out and ordered the mask I’ve uploaded to go with my costume.

It arrived when I was at work and my Mum accidentally opened it (thinking it was for my Dad) whilst I was out. When I got home she told me about the parcel with a lot of embarrassment which at first I mistook for her feeling awkward about having opened my mail.

I took the mask and tried it on in front of her at which point she let out a big sigh of relief.

Me: Whats going on Mum? Its just a mask!
Mum: Oh, I’m so relieved. I thought it was a chastity belt.




The most TERRIFYING chastity belt EVER. Medusa-style.


I’m going to just leave these here they’re from my last SimLit chapter Interlude 7.3:

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Love it! I can write my own story :woman_vampire:

What do you mean “write my own story?”

oh and here’s the chapter they’re from but it’s gets confusing if you haven’t followed along with the story in Gen 7: Swanson Legacy: Interlude 7.3: LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO

I know you have a story that goes with this, but looking at your pictures makes me think of my own story ideas to go with them. Also, I love that hairstyle and costume on the woman in black.

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yeah its a Vampires dress and hairstyle from Sims 4:Vampires Pack except for the blood which is CC (custom Content), and the poses used (Ring/Exorcist, Freddie Kruger, Jason… Voorhees from Friday the 13th?). I’m planning on using them the dress and hairstyle again in Chapter 7.9 as well as the other vampiress dress and hairstyle for a duel (similar but not similar to the ones HAM-the woman in black and Jane (not seen),'s great-great-great grandma, Hannah I did against their other great-great-great grandma).

Would love to read it if you ever make a short story out of my pictures, but if you need to know the characters’ names just ask.

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some Pyscho poses from Gen 3

and some more Jason poses (again from Gen 3)

(and yes, the nightmares involving the Pyscho poses are in black and white as statement to the movie the pose was inspired from)

I was going to my volunteer job this morning and I passed by a house which has gone “all out” for Halloween and on the porch railing there’s is what I believe is Chucky doll from I believe “A Child’s Plaything”?

You’re close. It’s Child’s Play. The dolls name is Chucky.


Yeah, despite not knowing Horror, I know the names of most of the killers from Horror movies. (except for something with Nuns?) . They’re mostly in here… Jason Voorhees
from Friday the 13th, Michael Myers from Halloween movies, Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street, Jack Torrance from The Shining, Pennywise from It (another Stephen King novel?)

at least there’s some comedic stuff (ie: Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus and Cousin It, Uncle Fester and the hand-I think “The Thing”? from Adams Family )

How many movie (or in one case TV show woman character) characters can people on this thread name from music video I posted?

(Ps: stay till the credits so you can find out the little sister’s in-story name)

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Me at work as a butterfly.