Halloween discussions

I know it’s still September but let’s talk about Halloween or whatever you call it in your part of the world. Sanheim, Dia de los Muertos, etc.

What are your favorite traditions, candies, scary movies, memories from growing up? Let’s hear them! Let us know where you’re from and let’s learn some things. I’ll reply myself with my own once I get my phone plugged in.

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A house in part of the neighbourhood I visited to trick or treat had this door which had a door knocker I think it might have been of a lion but it was also something else?. Well every time I went trick or treating even as an 11 year old I was always afraid it would come alive like the door knocker in A Christmas Carol I think I might have watched the Muppet’s Christmas Carol one too many times as a kid.


I’m a Dracula fan, so a certain portion of October is usually given over to viewing various Dracula and/or vampire movies (and sometimes TV series) and critiquing them with my husband.

One year, we watched a different vampire movie nearly every night in October; I have quite a collection.

This year we may branch out into other classic horror genres, like Frankenstein and werewolves. Or perhaps we will do vampire films in chronological order, from the original Nosferatu to Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Frank Langella, George Hamilton, Gary Oldman…

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A strange phenomenon in Ayrshire that I can’t get my head around is “Killie Halloween” (Killie as in Kilmarnock).

They celebrate Halloween the Friday before Halloween and completely ignore the actual night.

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That reminds me when I was 17. I had a collection of classic “horror” Liteature ( Dracula, Frakenstien, and I had just found an English translation of Gaston Leurox’s Phantom of the Opera, early that fall). On Halloween night, after I did my tradition of handing out the treats I went to bed, and I read way up into the night finishing reading Dracula novel. I must have dropped the book and rolled over to go to sleep without turning off my lamp since it was still on the following morning.

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I grew up in an area where you had no idea if it would snow on Halloween so you typically always had a costume that you could fit a snowsuit under if needed. Some were in the 50s F and others there was actual snow on the ground.

My brother and I had matching costumes a lot. We were Mickey and Minnie, bees (my cousin now has this one), Hershey kisses (same cousin also took this one), cowboy and cowgirl, the Phantom of the Opera and Christine (we had to forgo this because it didn’t work with a snowsuit and of course it snowed but we did show the neighbors the next day), a pair of dice, and a Tide box and a basket of dirty laundry. Those are the ones I remember matching. The last one I had a “bubble” crown made of balloons.

Now I dress as a butterfly for work (easy enough to make work in a healthcare setting). And in the rooms where I have to wear an isolation gown, I keep the headband boppers on and say I’m a caterpillar.


One Halloween I remember is our church had a haunted house in their basement. It was so scary! And then one year I forget what I did but I got punished and I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating.

That uber rare candy apple house. I think I got those once… maybe twice.

Honestly, my thing was just the trick or treating lol. I went until I started getting questions about being too old for it… and then enlisted my younger brother to come out with me and used the “babysitter gets candy too” excuse lol

Funny… when I was growing up going trick or treating (I stopped when I was 12… I didn’t feel safe by going by myself and for the other 9 or so Halloweens- Mom would be with me). Mom would always carry an extra bag for my Halloween candy but the other adults always asked her if the bag was for her candy.

Oh and that reminds me of another thing. When I was 12 I had just barley started delivering Sears Catalogues. I was in a house in the neighbourhood and the old woman whom lived there asked if I was going to be coming back on Halloween. I said “No” and she went and gave me some Halloween candy right then and there. I think one was Mars Bar candy bar

The year I was 14, I was with a new group of Pathfinders for Halloween we went up to what was then a historical site (tis been turned into a spa and hotel now), and at the historical site there was a Haunted House and we went through it. At the other end there was a table that had hockey players from the next town’s team and one of the hockey players actually recognized me and said my name. (Apparently at the time, the coach? worked at my school, and wanted the players to attend my Local high school)

er .should I put these in separate posts?

When I was young, my hyperfixation was Mercedes Lackey’s Mage Wars trilogy, which featured gryphons as the main characters. One Halloween, I made a closet cosplay of Skandranon Rashkae, the Black Gryphon… but kept getting called a crow. :frowning:

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I was coming here to post something similar! I grew up where, if it didn’t snow, it was definitely too cold for light costumes. When my siblings and I were fairly small, we almost always ended up having to wear our winter coats over the princess/pirate/clown costume, which sucked. As we got older, Mom became really good at creating costumes out of normal clothing that would fit heavier layers underneath. There were multiple years where my younger sister and I went out with a bandana tied around our head (you lose a lot of warmth from the top of your head), wearing a loose flowing blouse with a sweatshirt underneath and one of Mom’s “poodle” skirts with multiple frilly petticoats (covering our longjohns) and every piece of her costume jewelry we could fit on our bodies. Those were my favorite costumes.

My favorite memory is the Halloween party my first boyfriend and I went to the month before we turned 15 (our birthdays are a few days apart :smiley: ). Mom took one of her old dresses that had a lace overdress, dyed it all gray, cut off the lace, and sewed that on the sleeves in such a way that it would open into “wings” whenever I picked up my arms. Then she did the makeup to turn us into a vampire couple. We looked awesome! Mom had been in the theater during her teens so she was really good with makeup. I found the photos from that night a couple years ago and was able to share them with my old boyfriend on FB. He got a real kick out of seeing those again!


I do like dressing up for Halloween and putting some spooky decor out, but I haven’t had the energy to do it in years. I’d post a picture of the last time I dressed up, but apparently, I’m missing all the pictures from that year. I’m sure it’s on an old phone, somewhere in some box I haven’t unpacked yet.

Around here we have corn fields, so if corn mazes are something you enjoy - always a chance to get lost in one.

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I usually do a few Survival Horror game streams (aimed at my closest internet buddies, since I’m not particularly social) throughout the month. I’ll also dive into my horror film collection and–if funds allow–buy one on sale.

Later in the month, our apartment complex typically throws Halloween parties. They’re mostly aimed at the kids, but all residents are welcome, and it gives us an excuse to get out. We typically do cheap costumes–a mask, some makeup, and more or less normal clothes that fit the theme. Let’s see if I can dredge up a few examples…

Splicer (makeup got smeared a bit, making it look wrong, but hey)

My Ethan Winters impression.

Weird plague-doctor type dude.

Different plague-doctor type dude.


First of all how are we NOT ALL TALKING ABOUT HOCUS POCUS.

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I haven’t watched it yet. Going to watch it tonight. :slight_smile:

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Very easily in my case. Haven’t seen the first one, doubt I’ll see the second.

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There was the one tradition that I hated- having to wear a winter coat over our costume to go trick or treating. It was not unheard of to have snow for Halloween.

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It’s so good please give it a try!!!
@PublishedAuthor I’m currently on the first one, second one’s up next.
@Kathryn_Baggs this is why you incorporate a cloak into your costume. Also for the DRAMA.

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