Halloween discussion

So since tomorrow is Halloween let’s talk about Halloween. Let’s hear your stories.

One thing I didn’t witness but my mom told me about was when, sometime after 9/11, an older trick or treaters came up to their house dressed like a terrorist. He said trick or treat and she gave him candy. Then he started rooting around in her flower box by the door. She said, “What are you doing?” He said, “I’m planting a bomb.”

She knew it was all part of the costume and it was fake but she wasn’t happy.

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I grew up in Sweden in a pre-halloween era. Never celebrated it, never been trick or treating. I’m not really pleased that it’s starting to become a thing and that some of the older Swedish traditions are dying out.

Fun fact: We do (or did, this is one of those things that’s starting to disappear) almost like a reversed trick or treating on Eastern. Kids dress up like witches and walk around the neighbour with a basket filled with “Eastern letters.” It’s usually folded drawings (of Eastern related stuff, like witches, eggs, chickens or flowers) stuffed with candy. The letters are given to friends and neighbours

Random picture from google so you can see what the kids look like

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Interesting. I’ve never heard of witches being associated with Easter.

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Sweden was only christianzed half-heartedly, most of the Christian holidays are still celebrated in a very pagan way (in comparison to other Christian countries)

Afaik this comes from the 17th century. They thought witches flew to Blåkulla to party and shag with the devil. To prevent that, they had huge bonfires to scare the witches away.

Funny though, these bonfires were tradition before Christianity to celebrate spring, fetility and the general feeling of “rebirth”

I know NO ONE who associates Eastern with Jesus in Sweden, it’s all about Blåkulla, witches, spring and CANDY!


Which is pretty funny. Since for some reason in North America EVERY Easter, on TV The Wizard of Oz is on TV (or according to my Mom it is).

I’m going to be housecoat!Wanda from WandaVison tomorrow night

There was a haunted house in one of the empty stores in the mall (it used to be sears). I didn’t go in it, but I did get to see a lady being taken away by police officers and an actor getting help from two other people. That actor was beaten up, (towel to his nose, ice pack to his eye and he was limping) If you can’t handle haunted houses, don’t go into a haunted house.

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I misread that as ice pick, and thought that was part of the costume…