Guessing the 9th different princess fairytales in my 9th generation fairytale story (closed)

yep! That’s the English name of it. Princess and the Pea

I don’t know if I’m obvious with the two symbols I used for this fairytale (but 6 out of 9! Almost done!)

Snow White?
(It’s my moms guess, I was clueless)

It looks like the magical rose and plinth from that Disney film…

Beauty and the Beast?

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nope not Snow White

Yep, La Belle and the Bete! The 2nd thing is suppose to be a mirror

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sorry for this being so late, between me over sleeping plus getting a new computer but we aren’t setting it up until my sister’s around

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Not sure what the green thing is, but that looks like Ariel’s bikini top, next to either her dad’s trident or a dinglehopper (fork).

Little Mermaid?

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Yep! The Little Mermaid the green thing was suppose to be a mermaid tail, but I’m not the greatest drawer (but next picture, let someone else answer?) since we only have 2 left

2nd to last one!

Obviously, it’s Casper the Friendly Ghost. :wink:

nope, Casper isn’t from a storybook. It’s fairytales or in this case a storybook

Aladdin? It could be the genie and his bottle/lamp

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yep! that’s correct

the last one!

Snow white?

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BTW does anyone remember the 1992 Disney Aladdin movie? You guys remember the scene where Aladdin is moping and going back on his word to the Genie? If you guys are trying to explain where you are in your own version of the story how could you do that if all you can get is a pirated version of the movie because you can’t find a clips of that scene and the two following scenes?

This scene?

What do you mean by explaining where you are?

I started wriiting this mutple-generation story awhile ago. As you can tell it starts with Sleeping Beauty, and it ends with Snow White. With the exception of the first story and the princess and the pea & frog prince, the other stories, are a combination of the Disney movie (if there is one) and the original (or adaption of the original) story.

Due to my version of Aladdin having both a ring genie and the “lamp genie” I was trying to figure out what I should do with the ring, since I don’t want my version of Jafar to get his hands on it? And I was trying to explain exactly what scene I was on (basically “Aladdin going back on his word to the genie” or in my case genies) and the following clips (Aladdin trying to tell Jasmine the truth, and Jafar taking over the kingdom). Because I was trying to explain where I was in the Aladdin story-wise since I need the ring to “disapper” for my story purposes.

Does the ring djinn need to be there? From what I remember of the original story, the ring djinn had limited uses (three) while the lamp djinn did not. As soon as Aladdin got the lamp, he stopped using the ring, and so after the lamp was stolen (and then the palace was stolen), he was able to use the ring to get to the palace so he could get the lamp back. If the lamp has limited uses and the ring can’t be there at the climax, then the ring doesn’t really need to be in the story.

Alternatively, Jafar teleports the palace away and Aladdin uses his final wish on the ring to get to the palace. It’s still gone in the final battle, but it serves a purpose.