Guessing the 9th different princess fairytales in my 9th generation fairytale story (closed)

I’m been working on a 9 generation “Princess” story for awhile. And I thought with my (bad) drawing) skills, I should make a game out of the 9 generations. I will start with the first 1 and after people guess I will post another of my bad drawings, and we do it again until we get to the 9th generation.

first one

Nice! Sleeping beauty.

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what gave it away?

and @Murdocku let’s see if someone answers before you do,

Cinderella, because there’s a fireplace with cinders/ashes.

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most people would have guessed because of the stair+slipper+clock

Oh. I thought that was a pair of abandoned shopping bags on the stairs.

And I guess the orange circles are the pumpkin carriage?

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yep! the orange circles are suppose to be the pumpkin carriage

I know my drawing is really bad with the animal

The Princess and the Frog?

close not a Disney movie. Last I checked there’s no golden ball or a well, in Princess and the Frog. But it is Frog Royalty though! (hint: in Shelly Duvall’s take on this fairy-tale in a TV series from the 80s, a late Comedian actor played the titular role)

Princess and the Frog -WRONG!

If I’m right, #3 is going to be very difficult to guess, since it’s pretty obscure.

(I already answered one, so I’ll refrain from guessing more.)

Frog royalty, + late Comedian in title role in a TV show from the 1980s.

Frog Queen-nope,
Frog King nope (but it is a male royalty)
Frog Duke- Nope
Frog Marchqioness nope
Frog Earl-nope
Frog Viscount nope
Frog Baron nope.

(I know I used British nobility ranks but what male royal title did I miss out?)

Frog Prince?

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Yep! Its that

new one! I think it’s an easier one


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yep, the next couple I might have a bit of trouble drawing since they’ll be more tricky and I have to go make supper for tonight

I don’t know the English name, but the princess and the pea?

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