GT Debate

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Main point of discussion: Glass Theremin’s comments.

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Look: point blank, what GT said isn’t as awful as you’re acting like it is.

There’s a lot of cultural shit tied up in it, so you’re taking it particularly badly.

But it’s certainly not unforgivable.

@RebeccaBlue when GT said that they think drunk people who are raped should be held responsible for it, I guarantee that sentence means something entirely different to GT than to you.

I also guarantee that it was said in the heart of a moment.

There is so much fucking cultural baggage around the concepts involved that explaining it will probably produce wonderful little as soundbites that can be later used to slander me if anyone wants to go after me.

The sentence that GT said, and the sentence that you heard are basically completely different.

Because GT most likely thought GT said “abusive people should be held responsible for their actions, especially their abusive actions and especially when their abusive actions bring them to harm”

and what you heard GT was “vunerable young women who underestimate their alcohol tolerance are fair game for predatory men”

And this sort of miss-communication is exactly because of autism.

Excuse me.

don’t lump her viciousness with “Oh they’re autistic, they don’t know how to say it better.”

I am on the spectrum, Rebecca has been open about on being on the spectrum.

We do not fly off the handle and keep charging into topics that we know upsets us the way GT does with alcohol. I don’t like stories about animals dying, I skip over them - I don’t go in an accuse commentators on the story of being puppy-kickers.


I don’t think GT is actually vicious.

I think GT is being treated like a dancing bear.

People are going “Look at the vicious bear, that wants to rape us all hehehe, let’s tease it”

Autism expresses in a variety of ways. And this looks like autism, and GT is open about having autism, and if you bothered to think about it, i’m sure you could find close parallels to your own life and events.

Because What GT is doing is basically classic autistic behavior.

This reminds me of watching an autistic kid, who’s really a sweetie, being teased in a playground until they bellow, and being called vicious for bellowing.

If you idiots stop talking about rape, GT will too. And I’d really rather you all stop before someone gets hurt. Yes even if the person being hurt is GT.

You’re pretty vicious if you want GT hurt.

I have seen their comments. And stop blaming their actions on autism, that’s actually kind of ableist, especially comparing them to an autistic child.

They’re an adult, I had suggested to them multiple times of various tools they can use to blacklist all mentions of alcohol, drunkness, etc so that if they literally cannot help themselves and have a compulsion to trigger themselves, they have the means to stop it.

After a point - it’s on them. THEY have an issue, they have something that they know upsets and hurts them, it’s on them to manage their issues, not on everyone else to walk on eggshells.

Let’s put it this way. If you know someone with a severe phobia of reptiles, as in they go into screaming fits and lash out at anything vaguely snake-shaped - yeah it’s a dick move to wave a rubber snake in their faces.

But if they walk into the reptile house at a zoo, knowing it’s the reptile house, that’s on them for going somewhere they know will cause them to have a meltdown, you can’t blame the zoo or other patrons for their actions. The solution isn’t to make it illegal for zoos to have reptile exhibits - it’s to escort the person out of the exhibit and possibly the zoo itself.

That is the issue people have with GT, they go into stories that have subjects that trigger them and then proceed to make it everyone’s problem.


You wanna see a comparison?

This is GT on alcohol stories before you morons decided that everything GT said was vicious and awful

Doesn’t even look like the same person does it?

GT has essentially been subject to a campaign of othering and outtribing and you’re all ready to vote GT off of the island.

But GT can, and does, comment on stories… even ones about booze! productively until you morons decide to play ‘poke GT’

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I’m out.

Because frankly, you’re really starting to creep me out by how you’re infantilizing GT and ignoring two people who are on the spectrum so you can play white knight.


I’m also on the spectrum. More than half of this site are on the spectrum.

But I honestly think GT is being treated unfairly.

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Treating GT as if they have no volition is not a good way to get them to be treated better.


That… looks exactly like the same person to me. Saying that people drinking alcohol are ‘deranged psychopaths’, refusing to pay attention to any statistics that don’t agree with their preconceptions…

They are more vicious now. That doesn’t mean that other commentors made them so. It definitely doesn’t mean that they were a wide-eyed innocent who has been bullied into saying the things that they chose to say. That they have repeatedly chosen to say.

And I feel really uncomfortable talking about them behind their back. What good is that going to accomplish? Are they going to find out about these threads and feel othered and sick at being the subject of arguments that they couldn’t contribute to? What if their defenders are guessing wrong about where they’re coming from and how they feel? Is there a possibility that some commentors will react to GT’s comments in ways that GT can’t make sense of as a result of things said here that GT wasn’t even involved in? There are so many ways this could end really badly.


You’re 100% right about how we shouldn’t do it behind GT’s back, so I guess I’ll shut up for now.


Actually, since you’re here, I do have a direct ask for you

You said that GT blocked you, and that there’s a glitch in discord that lets you still reply to GT.

Please don’t use said glitch. And please don’t talk about GT with other people in the threads of GT fighting people. I think that would be more mentally healthy for everyone involved, yourself included.

Just ignore each other. Thank you.

I do not keep track of who has me blocked. I became aware that GT had just blocked me only because I was suddenly able to see my own replies but not what I was replying to.

(ETA: And I commented on that mainly due to the irony of GT’s claim that they weren’t bothered. Yeah. Clearly.)

I also think it would be more mentally healthy for you to stop speaking for GT as though you have some unique ability to see into their mind, but you do you.


I am really uncomfortable at the way you (Valiant Potato) keep equating neurodivergent with the bullied party and neurotypicals with the bullies. That does happen, but its not a rule, and the way you refer to it stimulates a bigger divide, a “us vs. them” mentality.
You’re also making assumptions both about GT’s motives, and about the motives of people that antagonize them. And they’re sometimes a bit wild, which suggests you may be attributing your own thought process to GT and the (imagined) thought process of school bullies to the other parties in the discussion. It’s going into a lot of armchair diagnosing. Honestly, this is not healthy to anyone.


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