Good update from my last post on the vent thread!

Hey, a lot of you were really sweet when I posted on the vent thread in a lot of distress, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to update with how things turned out. I don’t remember exactly what details I gave, so I’ll just give a general rundown.

My partner and I are no longer homeless. We were able to stay with an incredibly sweet acquaintance of my partner’s, who ended up gifting me a wand she made the day we left. I hope we’ll stay friends with her and one of her partners that we met for a long time.

We got into a section 8 apartment, one that’s actually in a beautiful historic building that was converted from a hotel. We now pay $333 a month for rent, which is about a third of our total income, and my partner has reapplied for SSI. It may take a long time to get it, but we’re finally in a position to get by.

We’ve been busy with unpacking, but being more stable has already done wonders for both of our mental health. Despite being only a few blocks down from a traumatic place for me, I’ve managed to face that and felt healthy and happy (other than some stinking insomnia! but even that has had less of an impact than normal).

I’ve even been able to display the majority of my doll collection, with the end goal of getting floating shelves to accommodate the fact that it is stoll slowly growing! I have my OOAKs displayed on a windowsill behind our shared desk and the rest on various bookshelves in our bedroom. My eighteen inch dolls will go in the loft area above the kitchen once we get a ladder (the ceilings throughout the apartment, other than in the kitchen and bathroom, are like 15 feet tall, no joke).

Things aren’t easy yet, but I think they’re finally easing out of hard, and that’s a big deal for us since they’ve been hard for … well, years. Thank you guys for being so supportive and kind when I was really struggling. <3


I’m so pleased to hear this! It’s incredible how much difference having stability in your life does for your well-being. I hope things continue to improve!


I’m glad to hear that things are getting better! :people_hugging:


Yay! Thanks for updating us! Having a stable home (with enviably high ceilings, no less!) and feeling so much better both sound fantastic.

I can imagine how you feel on getting your dolls out and visible — for me, it just isn’t home until my books are all unpacked. One minor question/caveat: You say you have your OOAKs (one-of-a-kind ones, right?) displayed on a windowsill. Is there any chance they’ll get faded from the sunlight there over time? If so, you might want to move them to a not-directly-window-facing location when that becomes feasible.

Good luck on the insomnia front! Hopefully that, too, can improve soon.


It’s a thickly coated privacy window in the shade from the apartments opposite (we’re two floors up a six-floor building facing the inside roof of the middle of the first floor) plus I have a poster-board covering most of the window since the privacy coating is dirty on the inside anyway. It should be fine, though actually there’s some non-OOAKs I should protect a lil more in my bedroom now that you mention it.

Also I still haven’t unpacked my books TT ran out of bookcases.


It should be possible to gently wash the privacy coating, if you want, but the window being covered sounds better for your dolls regardless. :slight_smile:

Bookshelves: Sometimes you can get decent shelves (or other furniture) cheaply or even for free. You might try Craigslist or Freecycle or Facebook Marketplace or equivalent lists wherever you are, or check out yard sales when the season for those starts in your area, or even just wander around apartment-building (or campus) areas when leases are expiring to see what’s been put out curbside or by dumpsters.


I hate to have to say this, but all used furniture (especially free stuff) should be very carefully inspected for bedbugs before you take it home.


Definitely for fabric/plush items, but I hadn’t heard they’re bedbugs were an issue for plain wood (or particle board, or whatever other hard surfaces are used for bookshelves) — are they?

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Bookcases are less likely, true, but not impossible. Also, they are a better bet as they are not normal bedroom furniture.
5 Tips for avoiding bed bugs


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