Good memories of my Dad/sister

memories of my sister:

My sister giving me Slurpees as pre-teen (10/11) in summer of 2000/2001). And some summers ago she gave me her old slushee cup which means if I want too, I can have slushee drinks at home.

Apparently, not only do sis and I have a love for dogs, but we also have a love for horses. Since my sister taken me to two horse movies (one had Dakota Fanning?) and she also took me to Jack Astor’s both times. One time I remember two of us sharing Camalri? And the 2nd time (after I was an adult), she encourage me to get dessert at the restaurant so I order the S’mores Sundae. She also took me to one of the two Masdacar movies (with the zoo animals))

I do remember in May of 2001 or 2002- I was in Gr.6- That she had to be the “adult” at my doctor’s appointment for me since our parents were both at work. And I remember that afterwards we went to a mall in the city and went to the then-Disney store at the mall, and I “window shopped” and I looked at Disney Princess castle. And then we went to the train station and sis got us some Ice cream.

In fall of 2001 nope, might have been spring of 2001/2002 ? I came home from school and my sister told me that there was a Slurpee in the fridge for me, and we were going to have pizza for supper and if it was spring, I remember going to the then playground and I think there was a slide with the top being like a covered wagon? and I got up to where it was and my sister looked up at me and said “I see (her nickname for my nickname) in a covered wagon” and then i jus sat outside in the backyard reading while she did something (it was pre-dogs). She has taken me to one fast-food restaurant. Wendy’s. (we had to have fast food because our Mom’s church play was one that ended really late or else we would have gone to a slow-food one)

And the June/July month it was just the two of us together in summer of '99 she and a friend of hers took me to see the French circus (circus of the sun") and I remember having cotton candy for the first and only time.

And I do remember sis trying to protect me from a nasty dog that was up around the corner I think we’re going to McDonald’s?

For years I got mad at the fact my sister never verbally apologized for her behaviour but I started to realized that she might not have verbally apologized she did it in actions instead (ie restaurants, movies).

good Dad memories :
Dad let me cook for the first time in the summer of 2012. He let me make Taco Salad and i used a recipe which was in a kid’s cookbook. I really wish we could find that child’s cookbook again but it has disappeared.

Dad’s the one whom introduced me to Lumosity… I think he saw commercials for it in the summer of 2012? Sure the theme park day was kind of bad, but Dad went on the then dragon coaster (unlike Mom whom never went on since I was small)

Dad and I played board games together (Monopoly/Game of Life) when I was younger.

Dad and I try to make time to play baseball in the summer. It would be nice if there were other people to play with but its just the two of us since Mom and my sister haven’t played since I was 7-8 year old child if not after that time

Dad told me something interesting on the walk the two of us did the other day. That above-ground pools don’t get taxed while inground pools do get taxed.


I’m so glad you shared these good memories!

I have some kids cookbooks here. I wonder if I have the one with the taco salad recipe in it? I will have to check.

Are you interested in trying to make more things from that cookbook? Did it have good explanations and photos?

it was a Jean Pare cookbook… but its was a kid’s cookbook from the “Company Coming” series of cookbooks? I only made Taco Salad once. But Mom found a little phamlet of other kind of "cheese sandwhiches and I put it into the children’s cookbook but due to Dad’s always taking stuff of the table when my sister is coming for meals, I lost the children’s cookbook. I think once I start to read all the books that’s on the desk down there I might be able to find it.

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