Good Experiences

Since we have a thread for bad experiences why not have a thread for good experiences? I’ll start us out.

April 2 my husband and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. We love Longhorn Steakhouse so that’s where we went for dinner. Our waitress was awesome, gave us recommendations and we had a delicious dinner. We also said we were celebrating our 17th anniversary.

When we were done she asked us if we wanted dessert. But we were so stuffed we were done. My husband had gone to the restroom so I was at the table waiting on the check.

She came with the check and with something extra. For some reason I can’t upload a picture. But it was a bowl of ice cream with two spoons and chocolate syrup. She also wrote Happy 17th anniversary on the plate under the dish. She got a very good tip!


I have one from back in my days at the barcade Dave and Buster’s. One night there was an MMA fight and the bar was packed with people. That was the only time I’ve ever seen the building hit capacity it was so damn busy. There isn’t normally a cover but that night there was a cover and they gave out wristbands once it was paid. My job that night was to sit by the exit and make sure no one entered without a wristband. So basically I spent the night letting smokers in and out of the building so they can have their cigarettes.

There was this one couple that went in and out of the building for a cigarette at least 10 times that night. They were super apologetic every time I had to open the door for them even though that was literally my only job that night. The TV was visible from the doors so one or twice they stopped to chat with me. I know this seems small but they really made my night.

I saw them a few months later and they remembered me! I may have had bright purple hair at the time, but they remembered my name too!


Years ago, while not a bar-door guard, I was a non-commissioned security guard, consecutively in numerous places, I have always met very nice folks like the couple you mentioned.


My husband and I have a favourite fajita restaurant we go to for date nights or friend get togethers, and there’s a waiter there who has been there for years and years. It’s always great when we get him at our table because he’s right on the ball every time.

The first time we got him as our waiter, he took our drink orders, came back in one minute with the drinks and chips and salsa, and took our food orders. Our food was out in max 10 minutes, which is quick even for this place where most people order the fajitas.

Then, we’re in the middle of eating, and one of our friends says “I should ask for a refill next time we see him”. One minute later, our waiter walked past the table, dropped a drink refill down for my friend and said “Here’s a refill for you”.

We all lost it, I said out loud after he left and was across the restaurant “Is he psychic?! There’s no way he heard you”

On his way back past our table he leaned over and said “I’m not psychic.” :joy:

We were talking to him as he cashed us out and he said that he’d been working there more than ten years, so he just knew what people were going to ask for before they did, but it was still hilarious. He’s the best waiter I’ve ever had and we always make sure he knows it with tips and compliments to the manager.


I have a high pain tolerance. So pain doesn’t really bother me unless it’s really painful. Like once I broke one of my big toenails and I didn’t know until I went into the pool! Now I don’t normally go to the demist alone. But Mom would be joining me at some point. Now anyway…several years ago I had all my wisdom teeth still in. Well for a week, I had a very bad pain in my mouth, I didn’t feel like even opening my mouth to talk. In the 2nd week, I got home from “work” (volunteering at the church)-and Mom didn’t want to call the Dental office said she would do it “later”. But I was in too much pain by that point to wait… so I checked to see what the name of our densit office was and then looked up the phone number online and called, and explained about the “high pain” in my mouth. The receptionist, said I should come and they’ll squeeze me in. I went (and I left a note saying where I was) and waited there and I finally got seen by a male densit. From what I learned later, the guy was going to remove my wisdom teeth there but the receptionist told him that we need to talk to my parents, because I don’t normally come in on my own (mind you I was an adult at that point). So a couple of weeks later in Dec… I had the first 2 sets of my wisdom teeth pulled. But my parents had to explain what was going to happen, since I never even needed to have a cavity filled or anything growing up.


We actually do have a thread for sharing good experiences! You can find it here: Inspirational - Not Always Right Forums


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