Gift rhymes and clues

This is a hotspot for punters, let’s give each other some help with funny puns, rhymes and riddles for gifts.

My boyfriend’s birthday is tomorrow and I’m trying to figure out what to write on his gift cards. He’s getting none gift, separated into 3 actual pieces.

  1. Tablet
  2. Headphones
  3. SD-card

I’m thinking I’ll give them to him one by one, each gift having some sort of funny note with a small clue.

Any ideas what to write? I’ve thought of making a joke about getting older (memory, hearing, vision) but I’m not sure he wouldn’t be offended :sweat_smile:


“I’ve a little gift for you. Hope that sounds good”
“If i were to say this is medicine, you’d find that hard to swallow”

Not too sure about the card… I’m thinking of something along the lines of “imagine a huge medieval market… lots of store age”, but I think that’s a bit too wordy and contrived.


The joke about getting older sounds lovely! Maybe you could sweeten it by using the three wise monkeys? The one covering its mouth would be a bit of a stretch to link to the tablet though.

By the way, what language do you speak with your boyfriend? If that’s English, I guess everyone could suggest ready-to-use puns but if that’s something else, that may limit most of us to general ideas.

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Thank you for the fast replies @Stephen and @Jarvis !

I’m writing I’m German, but since I’m writing letters and not just one-liners, English puns can still give me good ideas. They don’t translate word by word, but the phrasing is often similar enough to reshape them into German.

The SD one is finished. I wrote about us living together with little room and the gift being me giving him more space :sweat_smile: Works well in German.

Also, this thread doesn’t have to stop with my “problem”, Christmas is coming up, everyone is welcome to post about gifts for that too, of course :slight_smile:


For the headphones, perhaps: “I heard it’s your birthday!” Bit obvious maybe, but nobody else has suggested it, yet, so…

Happy B/day to him, btw. :slight_smile:


Here is something so you don’t have to listen to me all the time.


For the tablet I would consider something along the lines of biblical commandments.

“And She did give him but one Commandment. I am the Sillsallad thy girlfriend. Thou shalt have no other girls but me.”




Umm… query. Where does Sillsallad say they’re female?
No offense to anyone (Including Sillsallad) but… guys can have boyfriends too! :slight_smile:

@Jonnie_Madison They have posted a picture before.

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He liked the gifts!

The first one was the SD-card, he couldn’t figure out those clues

The second one was the headphones, I started that letter with @Jonnie_Madison 's “I’ve heard it’s your birthday” and added some more hints. He figured out that one

Didn’t add any clues or riddles for the tablet, wrote a love letter instead :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And thank you @CJR and @Stephen for the laugh! I’m a bit proud to have been memed :sweat_smile:


Also: I didn’t even know that I’ve posted a pic of me, I thought only of my cat :sweat_smile:

But I’m a woman/she/her, I’m sure that’s been mentioned in one way or another before :slight_smile:

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I’m proud my suggestion was included! :smiley:
Thankyou and I hope I didn’t offend you! You have a very pretty cat, btw!

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