Gift ideas

They could be similar to Refreshers in that case.

Thanks, was a little confused!

We get my mother-in-law and father-in-law an outhouse calendar every year. :joy: For a few years in the 1990s, they lived in a converted barn that had no running water/indoor plumbing, and had an outhouse that they used. Thankfully, they have since moved into a modern home with indoor plumbing and running water. lol

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I was thinking Fizzers.

As for pressies, no idea. Dad usually gets money because he’s impossible to buy for (I suspect he’s also in the early stages of Alzheimer’s). Mum’s pressie varies. One year, just after my husband had passed his driving test, we gave her a little book of tokens. Each token could be redeemed for a lift somewhere - shopping, the seaside, late night taxi etc. She loved it!

Friendship bags are good as well, because if you’ve got the bits, you can make as many as you want.

They contain the following:-
A rubber (eraser) to rub out your mistakes
A marble, so nobody can say you’ve lost yours
A string to tie loose ends together
An elastic band so you can stretch yourself
A penny so you’re never broke
A heart so you always know you’re loved.


@Sillsallad It autoclosed, but it’s back now!


Excellent! Thank you!

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Just got these for my niece for Christmas. I got them on clearance and they were still way too expensive - I’ve got shirts half the price of these!

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Re-posting this in case someone wants to find it easily.

A 3d puzzle with moving parts and dimmed lights. The brand name is ROKR, they have a bunch of different puzzles, most of them look amazing!


This is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of.


This is so neat.

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Sharing my favorite birthday present this year:

It’s a handmade baby Cthulhu.


omg! that’s adorable.

A while back i saw this video on YouTube. I thought it cool, and today I have ordered one off etsy as a pressie for my parents for Christmas!


Interesting the way very old tech is updated.


I was thinking about past successful gifts, and I thought it was funny that the top 3 were all kitchen appliances! This is generally supposed to be a no-no (especially when you’re giving to women) but here is what I did.

Espresso maker for my husband — He was recovering from an injury, and had recently discovered a) that he liked espresso; b) he didn’t like it the way most coffee shops make it. So I took a chance, scoped out a good spot in the kitchen to put it, and bought an espresso maker. I hoped that it would be an incentive for him to move more, which was important to his recovery. It worked brilliantly. He would not let anyone else use “his” coffee maker, which he worked hard at optimizing for his perfect cup. This also meant he had to make coffee for anyone else that wanted it!

Keurig-type coffee maker for my mom - She had used the one at her church and liked it, I thought it would also be nice for her to make coffee for her guests. Yup!

Egg cooker for my mom - She used it for years to make hard boiled eggs for breakfasts and other meals, which had become a challenge because she had become a widow .

Huge misses —

Books: Unless someone requests a specific title, I am bad at picking stuff people will read.

Clothes: I would love to buy my daughter clothes, but our tastes are different. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t. My husband literally buys multiples of the same clothing item, once he finds something he likes.


Love the idea of an espresso maker as a present. Especially since they can be such an investment. I get a bag of beans as part of my stocking stuffers :smiley: