Getting tired of comments saying that the stories ‘don’t have an ending’

I get the desire to know more, but there’s been a spate of stores that, frankly, have a reasonably clear ending… And then a bunch of people in the comments go ‘and? what next?!’

It’s kinda annoying. A lot of the details they’re demanding aren’t even ones that the poster in question would be reasonably expected to know.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds this really annoying… I feel that after reading a few stories that genuinely didn’t have a proper ending, some people have gone overreactive to any story that doesn’t go into all possible ramifications of the events.


I do find that odd too. Especially since if alot of information is given at the start of the story people complain about “was that part really needed? That didnt influence the story” but if a story ends without giving you a 5 year epilogue on OPs third cousin they then complain the story didnt end.


and yet if there is no information people complain about “there’s not enough information!”


Often it’s the same people making both complaints!


“Needless to say she was arrested for assault and jailed for five years”
Comments: Unrealistic. Terrible. Why even bother adding that. Smh

“We called the cops.”
Comments: Then what? wtf you can’t leave it at the climax like that

(That’s not even the climax, it’s the wrap-up and falling action. Climax was the punchline, that’s how climax works!)


There are genuinely some stories that didn’t include an ending they should have (like ones where the OP could have waited a week and would have found out the resolution) but most of those comments are on stories where you can tell what happened next with the barest of inferences.


Another thing that really bugs me is that they like to say that it’s missing the ‘climax’. I went to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. All of these stories they’re complaining about have a climax.

What’s missing is a Denouement, which is actually stylistically left out of most popular internet stores, such as greentexts and creepypasta.

It is not really in style on the majority of the internet to have a Denouement and even less common to have a particularly long one.


I consider it on the same level as those that complained about the overly long titles a few years ago. Just ignore them.

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I will freely admit that I’m one of those people who does complain, and i will add that I respect that you disagree with those types of posts.

I’m not going to post a comment to the story below in the comment section, but have instead noticed that a lot of the comments so far are pretty much all variations of “not a story”, and “and what happened?”

I’m curious as to your thoughts about this story: do those complaining have a point? If so, should they keep quiet, or should they voice their opinions?

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Personally, I agree with stories like that, where there isn’t much of a punchline and could go on a tweet and move on without much more fanfare and not really worth a story post.
And I agree on a few posts that submitted immediately on filing a complaint with their boss or whatever, and definitely could have gotten a direct answer if they waited to hit submit by a day or two. Or just shrugged and walked off before the story finished.

But there’s other times where comments say it ‘doesn’t have an ending’ and there was a clear story and the ‘ending’ they asked for was a bit out of focus and just under curiosity and wanting a follow-up.
The one that bugs me was this one in particular:

Where there was, in my opinion, a pretty clear ending and conclusion, even if there wasn’t a formal wrap-up. But immediately, for the first couple hours, there was nothing but “Why post when you don’t have an ending?! Where’s the story?!” When the OP had medical issues and probably wouldn’t have been part of any police work after, and clearly had the license number to pass on to get either the police or insurance to charge the culprit. So I would think it’s pretty straight forward after, even if they don’t spell it out. And there was a couple stories like this one, where there was a pretty clear implication, or just saying “we called the cops” and anything past that was either too mundane to mention or something where no one gave them a follow-up, since it wasn’t their business.

My complaint is there’s a few equally aggressive/derisive/whatever word comments on either type of post insisting they equally don’t have a proper ending or story.

Personally, I don’t want to go back to mandating “The kicker” or “needless to say” on every post giving a standard wrap up.


Oh god, I remember the ‘kicker’.

@Stephen that story is fine. A little on the short side, and kinda boring.

I also don’t really think it’s a very good story, I’m not fond of pranks due to a past history of bullying that makes me pretty sensitive.

But it’s a complete story, with a climax, and without a denouement. It’s not a very good story.

A better story would probably have been a story about an actual call that the husband got, instead of the story of how the husband got the call. It seems unlikely that OP was privy to the exact wording of a call that their friend’s husband received anyway.

But as I said, it’s a complete story, simply told.

There’s a difference between ‘this story is short and unmemorable’… and that story is short and unmemorable… and ‘this story is incomplete’

And, for example one of the ones that bugs me is this one

Which is a complete story, it even lists the fathers choice to not do anything about that letter out in detail, and people said in the comments that it was incomplete, which was pretty baffling.

The conclusion of that story could have been better written as “and my dad decided to do nothing”. That’s a pretty natural conclusion to a story.

I don’t really think most people expect something to happen after deciding not to do anything?


I am not saying that those that complain “This doesn’t have an ending” shouldn’t post such a comment. I am saying that they can post it, but that others can just as freely ignore it and not get worked up over seeing it.
Same goes for the “This is a non-story” type of comments and similar.

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Having read the comments of this thread, i thought i would try and hold back from complaining about the lack of ending. But then i read this…

…and posted anyway. I mean, the OP even acknowledges that the story hasn’t ended, and they only had to wait ONE DAY!

Yeah, we can almost certainly have guessed the ending: “The tenant didn’t get any deposit back; i have a LOT of cleaning to do”. And that would be fine as an ending.

“I can only think that the tenant must have somehow got a team of magic pixies in, because the place was spotless!”

…would have been a surprising end.

It doesn’t matter if the ending was predictable or not, an ending was needed, because the OP wrote that the story wasn’t over!

Imagine going to watch Captain America, and the film ended just as the Cap boards the plane. Sure, being a superhero film, you know he’s going to beat Red Skull. And, as you saw in the opening of the film, he will somehow end up frozen in ice. You can probably work out roughly what’s going to happen.

But you will be really frustrated with the film…


Well, that there is a legitimate case where the OP should have waited 24 hours to post, yes.


I disagree. The story was about the tennets illogical behaviour on move out day. That behaviour is covered in full. Wether they get the deposit back or not will not retroactively change their behavior in anyway its still going to be illogical which is the point.

Escpecially since as you said either possible ending is acceptable its not really relevant to the content.

No, an ending is needed because the OP said the story isn’t ended. If the OP had omitted that last line, we probably wouldn’t have minded so much. It might have been mildly annoying, but then the story would have focussed on just that aspect of the moving out, and would have been complete.

But the OP said the official move out was the next day. Tomorrow. Just one day!

It’s not like saying to a colleague at work “I’ll know by the morning”, and you can then tell them the following day… The OP might never come to the comments section.

So having hinted at there being more to the story still to come, we are given nothing.


Read through it and definitely agree with you there.
It built up a solid story and if it ended with “hmph. Some people.” then sure, fine.
But with this it felt really abrupt with a “Well anyway who knows, whatever, bye!”
Especially since unlike reddit, it doesn’t get an easy update lower in the topic and most NAR stories never see the OP again since the OP isn’t notified when things go live or anything.


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