Get rid of the gambling ads

Hi! The gambling ads are a bit annoying to me, as they’re flashing and a bit annoying. Gambling themed ads might be a sensitive topic for some people.

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Are you talking about gamling ads in general, or is it an issue you have with the website?

It’s an issue I have with the gambling ads, as they are often attracting my attention to watch them instead of the actual site content, as the ads are constantly moving and flashing in a none user-friendly manner. They always appear whenever I visit the site.

Have you tried an ad blocker ? I don’t get ads at all on this site :slight_smile:

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From experience, a lot of the ads seem to be targeted based on the content of the page (e.g. a story about a foreign country is more likely to have Holiday ads than a story about a restaurant), or on the IP address (e.g. I get several ads based on recent Amazon/Ebay purchases by other people in the house)

Notably, I don’t recall ever seeing any gambling ads on the site. (Although, that might be down to my country having more restrictions on gambling advertising than yours?)

If you mean on Not Always Right, specifically, you should use their Contact form to voice your concern.

No ads for me either, these days! Yay!
Nice and peaceful! :stuck_out_tongue: