Geography Categories Game

15 questions plus bonuses. Sign up here. We kick off on Monday!


I will try but I’m not very good with geography


Sounds fun; I’m in!

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Pick meeee! As you noticed, I’m not as active anymore, I’ve got some issues here and there, but still keep up with reading, and will try to answer the questions here!


I will try to keep up but sign me in

I’ll give it a go. Just want to double check if googling is okay? Because my geography skills are kinda abysmal.

I personally think googling is 100% okay, some questions in previous games were pretty specific, and I like learning knew stuff while playing. It’s up to CJR to decide, of course.

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I’m terrible at geography, so maybe I’ll learn something! Sign me up, please.

Googling is acceptable, if not encouraged! I try to make my questions interesting to encourage people to learn a few new things. Remember, the aim of the game is to come up with answers that others don’t give me! We will also have a new bonus game.


Sign me up

Sign me up! I haven’t posted here much, but I read the posts fairly often. I love geography, but whether or not I’ll be able to answer your questions remains to be seen. lol

I’m in! Huge nerd here, but not so sure how I’ll fare in geography :sweat_smile:

Happy to see some new faces joining in on our fun :slight_smile:

In. Let’s try this out.

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Evening all! Time for the first question. Remember, you get 5 points for a unique answer, 3 points for sharing your answer with another player, 1 point for sharing your answers with two players and 0 points for sharing your answer with three or more players. Please submit your answers by DM.

Name three of the seven continents.

Hidden bonus points are available for this question.

BONUS GAME: Dave has decided to go on a roadtrip in the USA. Each day he visits a new state. Correctly guess the state for 5 Bonus Points.