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This is a Thread about gardening if anyone’s interested in that. Due to not having a cellphone I can’t take (nor would I want too) pictures of the plants in our garden that Dad and I’ are working with. If someone does have a garden of any sort and can post pictures of their garden-I would love to see it! Or you can talk about a garden you would like to have?

I been working with Dad since Early if not Mid May with our vegetable garden outside. We have three members of the Nightshade Family (Tomato, Potato, and Bell Pepper), we have some spices- one is Thyme, and one is Basil, and the other is Rosemary the last one isn’t looking too well) and we have two vegetables from the Squash family (Cucumber and Zunnchi). And we have some beans as well… Dad been keeping the bean indoors overnight and taking them out on sunny days to let them get some sun in little containers- we have like 6 good beans but there’s one little “sleepy head” that doesn’t want to come out.

I planted I think 5 of the French potatoes we got out of the 13+ on my own two weeks ago when Dad was busy.

If someone does have a garden of any sort and can post pictures of their garden-I would love to see it! Or you can talk about a garden you would like to have?

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I don’t have a garden yet but I’m looking to buy some hanging pots for the balcony. I’d really like to do a vegetable garden but won’t have enough space for that so I’m thinking maybe catnip lol

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that’s nice

Well due to the rain we got yesterday 1)our chives got much happier and 2)we have about a good number of potato crops coming up.

Raised bed 2/4 is now topped up with compost, topsoil and has a tomato plant in the corner. Then topped with bark.

Raised bed 1/4 is the chili patch along with some begonias for Sproglet’s destructive form of admiration.

Need to fill the other two pods. Unfortunately I have missed the bulk of the “Grow your own” season but I have some seeds to try.


if you can tomato cages… I would recommended buying them so that the tomatoes when they do come can not be too heavy for the plant.

Wouldn’t it be better to can the tomatoes?



lol. Not when the tomatos aren’t ripe yet.

I learned how to deal with infected plants today as well as non Garden stuff!

I have potted up my Black Pepper Mint and paint-bucketed up my Lavender. Also went to the garden centre today. Came back with six sets of vegetable plugs along with marjoram, lemon thyme and curry plants. Rather miffed that they seemed to have every variety of mint except Basil Mint.

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On Sunday (our Asian food night) with our store-brought spinach there were three leaves of home-grown spinach from the garden

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I just learned today what garlic scapes are! I only first heard the term last night because Mom was asking if we had any and what (weatherman on the news does with them).

Dad said he thinks this year will be the first time he has a big garden flourishing. I wonder if it’s because he’s not doing it all by himself like he has been? That two people are taking care of the garden (me and him).

Dad did try to show me yesterday how to turn on the water to the hose by the house but my fine motor skills got in the way.

Our one bell pepper plant has produced some “fruit” (ie bell peppers). They’re really small but they’ll get bigger soon. And the beans Dad planted about 2-3 weeks ago has finally sprouted

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Finally got around to planting onions, carrots and broccoli (if they survive the snails).


Tomatoes got fruit now, some bigger then others. Still no female flowers on the Zunchi plants

There is a female flower on the Zunnchi plant. I notice it when I took another look at the Zuchini plants and notice one was a bit “swollen” underneath a female flower

As I mentioned the other day there’s is a female flower on the zunnichi plant. It’s suppose to rain overnight and all through tomorrow. So we don’t know if the female flower will get knocked off or not

My little patch.

Top to bottom: Rainbow chard, pepper patch with some begonias, broccoli with a tomato plant, Courtenay carrots (left) and leeks (right).


cool @CJR

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